June 22, 2011

Glenwood Alley

Even though it is officially summer, the weather in Colorado sure doesn't want to believe it. Over the weekend it rained, rained, and rained some more. On Monday the sun finally came out, so I decided an afternoon adventure was a must.

So I headed downtown and walked by my favorite alleyway mural. I've admired this old piece of advertisement for years now, and whenever I come to Glenwood walking by it is a must. I'm not quite sure how old it is, but the colors and size of it sure give it charm.

Since it was still chilly outside I went opted to bundle up a bit. I recently received this moto jacket from my lovely sponsor Shop Kempt, and I have to say, I'm in love with it. The fabric is so soft, and I just love the "edgy" look it gives off. I paired it with my favorite biker boots, and a pretty smoky crystal necklace from The Blue Balloon. It was the perfect afternoon to walk around on a chilly day.

I also sported my new favorite ring, a purchase from an art festival I visited over the weekend.

On another note, we are down to 12 days until Scott and I are together again. I seriously can't wait to pick him up from the airport and spend six whole days with him. I'm so excited for all of the adventures we will be going on. Last year we had such a great time traveling around together, visiting all of the fun tourist spots and some of my favorite restaurants. I'm not really sure of our "itinerary" yet this year (last year we just made it up as we went), but I have a feeling we may end back up here in Glenwood Springs! Last year we had a nice time walking around, holding hands, and swimming in their famous hot springs pool (although, we did like the one if Ouray better!).

Today I don't have much planned. I would like to work on a few blog posts, take a walk by the nearby lake, hit up the post office and also the local coffee shop. I may even take a trip up to a small, nearby town with my mom to check out a pottery shop.

What are you up to today? Have you ever been to Colorado? If so, what is your favorite spots?

Shirt: Levi's
Necklace: gift from The Blue Balloon
Jeans: Levi's
Boots: Steve Madden



  1. Love your outfit!! You definitely have the "effortlessly cool" look going for you. :-)

    I have been to Colorado and loved it! I really enjoyed this little town square where we went shopping...I'm trying to remember what it was called. Old Colorado maybe? I can't remember. It was so quaint and I found the cutest yarn shop which kept me occupied and mesmerized for a few hours. :-)

  2. that jacket is super cute, and cant wait for you to get to see your love again!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  3. Beautiful! I love your style so much, it's just silly! :)

  4. Eeep I'm excited for you to be reunited with Scott! The places you are visiting on this trip look amazing. I love it all!

  5. Love your outfit and that jacket is ace!!! Very awesome. And your boots! Love your boots!

    I've never been to CO, but Jen and I have a friend couple who moved there after we met them at a seasonal job. They live in Grand Junction. We lost contact with them, which is sad, but from what I heard CO is awesome! ^_^

    Have fun! And yay for you and Scott!!!

  6. You look pretty as usual, Chelsea! I really, really love that jacket! :) and yay for Scott coming in! You two probably miss each other like crazy!

    I've been loafin' around today and plan on going running in about an hour. I should probably find somewhere to volunteer so I can use up more time! xD

  7. I love your jacket. The mix of a sweatshirt and biker jacket is so neat. Great boots too.

  8. Love your moto jacket. I've been wanting a non-leather version like this.

    I haven't been to Colorado in about fifteen years. Yikes!