June 25, 2011

Glenwood Coffee Date

Sometimes I like to take myself on coffee dates. Now, I know this anything new or something to be surprised about, but being up here practically alone (I do have my parents, but ya know) I like to take myself out and do something that makes me happy (as I can of alluded to in my Thursday post). So the last week I took myself on a coffee date to the Bluebird Cafe in Glenwood Springs, CO.

The shop itself is quite large, has lots of room to spread out so you don't have to be so close to your fellow coffee shop goer. They also have a nice selection of drinks, cute decor, and are always playing The Beatles whenever I go in there (major bonus).

This particular day I got an iced coffee and a raspberry muffin. The muffins from Bluebird are seriously the best, and I've never had one that I didn't like.

Do you ever take yourself on dates? If so, where do you usually go?


  1. i took myself out on one this morning.
    i went early before heading to work at the library this morning and hoenstly it's the best time to go. no overly in love couples. no loud children just old people who enjoy a simple cup of coffee and silence. it was amazing.

    i like going by myself because it's an awesome time for reflection.

  2. always for a coffee! Sometimes there's nothing better than a great coffee a good book and with just yourself as a company! :)

  3. Its always good to get out and treat yourself. And coffee is always good. Hope youre starting to cheer up!

    the oBITCHuaries

  4. I definitely take myself on dates. I like coffe shops and book stores especially. When I was a Freshman in college, and the communal nature of dorm life would get to me, I would walk downtown to this great old drug store/soda shop/ lunch counter place and order a Coke Float. Then I would just walk around and enjoy a bit of time to myself. It felt so luxurious!



  5. Oh that place sounds delightful. :) and that muffinnn ahh muffins...so good. It's like cake for breakfast.

    I have taken myself on a date before. It's nice to just have time to yourself and I'm sorry you haven't seen Scott in so long, Chelsea. Soon he'll be there again! In the meantime, enjoy your dates with yourself and take the time to reflect and plan and organize. Hope all is well with you and your family! :)

  6. I take myself on coffee dates all the time! I love going to my favorite coffee shop with friends to chat, but going alone is so peaceful and calming. Now that school's out, I can finally go to coffee shops without an armful of classwork, which makes the dates even better. :) glad I found your blog--I like the way you think!
    xoxo Charity