June 23, 2011

Gypspy Crown Summer

Sometimes when you're feeling a little blue, the best thing to do is to put on a pretty dress, a gorgeous piece of jewelry (or headband in my case) and take yourself out on the town.

The past few days I have been feeling a little down. I've mostly been by myself (other than family members) since I've been in Colorado, and find myself being homesick for my love (t-minus 11 days until we're together again!!), family, friends, and hometown stomping grounds. So since I don't enjoy feeling down (who does really?), I decided to turn my frown upside down and go on a walk and coffee date in downtown Glenwood Springs.

During my walk I headed down a little alley that had the most quaint, old downtown kind of feel. I just loved all of the old brick, red doors and window frames, and all the charm the alley gave off. In Phoenix the allies really aren't the prettiest (I'm really not sure if they are anywhere), so I enjoyed taking a quiet walk through this one.

During my outing I wore my new Moorea Seal gypsy crown the first time. I just love the gold chain, pretty ribbon, and the way it contrasts with my hair. I am more than impressed with it, and would high suggest any of Moorea's pieces to anyone. She's also the sweetest lady, and her blog is one of my daily reads.

This week I've been filling my ears with new music (why oh why did it take me so long to by The Valley by Eisley?), sipping iced coffees from local coffee shops (they have two darling ones in Delta, CO, where I'm currently at), and dreaming about the fall season already. This fall brings on a whole new chapter in my educational career, and I can't wait to start and see how it goes!

What do you like to do when you're feeling a little blue? What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Gypsy crown: Moorea Seal
Dress: Target
Flats: Born

-Chelsea XO


  1. Eisley's music is so pretty! I really really love this dress, wish there was a Target in Ireland!
    I'm not sure what I do when I feel a little blue, comfort eat probably...woops! If the weather was nicer I would go for more walks :(
    Your hair is beautiful, so happy I found your lovely blog today! xox

  2. Obsessed with that crown! You're really going to make me buy it if you keep wearing it... :)

    I hope your days feel full and alive! I am very glad you'll get to be with Scott soon. It'll be so good for your heat. I know how it feels to be a little lonely and feel isolated. Good for you for getting out and being around people, though. It's usually harder to start, but once you're exploring it feels so good.

    And, of course, I am so happy you're jamming Eisley lately. It's a good album for sure.


  3. so one... you look adorable!
    two... i own this dress and i completely forgot I did (sitting in my closet with tags on) util i read this post and it reminded me. thanks!

  4. Lovely outfit! You look positively ethereal! When I blue I usually just play piano for a few hours, it's a good way to let it all out without breaking anything. ;D

    <3 Deanna


  5. I am loving the dress today, great color! I have a whole tool box for when I am feeling down. One thing that helps is reading the rightfully named book "The Blue Day Book" by Bradley Trevor Greive. It's simple, cute and honest. I get homesick too,it taught me just how much my home-base means to me. Also I like to think of astronomy when I am homesick, when you look at distance from a universal perspective...well what's a couple hundred miles vs. millions of light years! Plus that star stuff is pretty damn beautiful :)

  6. Oh, the pleats on that dress are to die for! And i really love that colour dress at the moment, reminds of forests and woods. You make me want to go blonde

  7. Totally cute styling girl. I would SO wear that dress!
    xo Moorea

  8. sorry you're feeling homesick! but glad you'll be reunited in 11 days - that's so soon.

  9. I know completely how you feel. I am visiting my aunt in Switzerland and even though it is Europe and all I still get homesick and I miss my cat, my dad, and my friends.

    When I get really down from the homesickness I try to watch a movie to get my mind out of it or I go out with my grandma to walk around the city. It is still kind of hard though.

    I love your shoes btw! Super cute!

  10. when i feel blue i buy pretty undies! hahahaha

  11. Oh, you and I are in the same boat! I was feeling so blue yesterday for the same reason. Countdowns are fun though. The closer I get to being reunited, the more ansty I get! Yesterday I rented a canoe down at a little lake nearby with one of my friends. It let me get out of my sad little shell for the day. It was nice! Gosh, you look too cute with that crown! It really goes so well with your hair! <3

  12. So hard to be homesick and away from the people you love. Hopefully the quiet time in the coffee shops helped! Love you dress, the draping is really cool in the front.

  13. You look cute, Chelsea, and I'm sorry you're feeling blue. Scott will be there in no time!

    I like to read, dance to 80s & 90s pop music, and take long showers when I'm a bit sad. Or run. Or sleep. hahaha usually nothing constructive. I'm also looking forward to just enjoying and repairing things in my life this summer. I want things to be okay because they aren't exactly there right now. I'm just hoping I have enough wisdom to do the right things.

  14. You look so cute! I love the headband and your hair is amazing! When I am blue I clean. haha I have no idea why- maybe it just distracts me. Cheer up!


  15. first love the dress - but esp. drooooooling over that crown. okay kinda gross for me to say that - but cannot get over how great it looks on you! love!

  16. You're the cutest little elf I've ever seen! That gypsy head piece is so pretty. Thanks for writing such a good blog! Have a great day! x


  17. Goodness, you look SO amazing! Love the crown (Moorea's jewelry is so, so awesome) and that dress! THAT DRESS!!! Gorgeous. ^_^

    This summer I'm looking forward to: the 4th of July, my mother-in-law's birthday (July 17th... I think,) my birthday (July 28th), Jen's birthday (September 10th,) our big sister's birthday (September 12th) and mine and Jen's four year anniversary (September 13th!) BUSY season for us! And we're already really excited for Autumn. ^_^

  18. You're gorgeous, lady! That dress is such a pretty shade of green.

  19. On one of my particularly bad blue spells, I took up biking. Exercise has really helped me keep the blues at bay!