June 20, 2011

Hotel Colorado

The past week I've been in Glenwood Springs (CO) taking in the sights and the overall loveliness of the town. One of my favorite places in GS is the Hotel Colorado. Built in the late 1800's, the Hotel Colorado has been the stomping grounds for United States presidents (Hello, Teddy Roosevelt!), and also some of the West's most famous inhabitants (Hello, the unsinkable Molly Brown).

The hotel itself has a gorgeous grounds, full of pretty flowers, historic buildings, and relics from the past. My favorite part of the hotel is definitely the flower garden in the front, I just love it's breathtaking flowers, and trees.

On this particular afternoon it was pretty hot in Glenwood, so I opted to put my hair in a top knot. I usually like to keep my hair low (side buns), but thought it would be fun to follow along in this summer trend. I kind of like the way it turned out, so I think I will be going back to this hairstyle again. On a side note, my mom wore her hair this way the entire time I was growing up, and since I look so much like my mom, it's safe to say that I really look like her circa 1993. Oh my!

I was positively smitten with these gorgeous flowers!

Last week I received the most amazing package from Moorea Seal. Inside was one of her gypsy crowns, as well as a pair of arrow earrings, and a sweet note and gift from the sweetest friend. I was overwhelmed at the kindness of Diana from Our City Lights who gave me one of Moorea's beautiful mini book necklaces as a birthday/graduation present. I had been coveting over this gorgeous necklace for so long, so it was an absolute amazing surprise when I saw it placed nicely in the cutest box. So thank you, Diana, for my beautiful necklace (and for being one of the kindness, sweetest people I know). I promise I will cherish it forever.

These roses were just too beautiful! I'm not usually a rose person, but these were just stunning, and organic looking.

Today I will be spending one last day in Glenwood Springs. I'm hoping to go to the local cupcake and lingerie shop (not kidding, it's all in one) and pick up a cupcake. I'm also hoping to snap a few outfit photos before I leave this beautiful place.

Shirt: Levi's
Necklace: Moorea Seal, gift from Diana
Jeans: Levi's

What are you up to today? What's your favorite cupcake flavor?


  1. Your hair looks so cute in that bun!! Lucky you to get such fun earrings, necklaces and such as present! Presents really are awesome!

    To answer your questions, today I'm cleaning my house and my favorite cupcakes are dark chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. YUM!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  2. Oh. my. gosh. You look GORGEOUS!!! The hair, the outfit, you! Everything is lovely. And what a beautiful place you're at. I love those roses!

    Also, I love Moorea's book necklaces as well, they are gorgeous!!!

    Sadly, I don't HAVE a favorite cupcake flavor. :( I haven't really nommed many a cupcake. I need to though, especially if they have cupcake AND lingerie stores out there in the same place! :P I want to try a red velvet cupcake. I hear they're good!

    Take care and have a beautiful day!

  3. oooh, adore this beautiful look!! And that pendant is so fabulous... love the modern aesthetic. Ooooh & the cupcake shop sounds so fun! Can't wait to see more pictures. xx veronika

  4. i absolutely love your outfit! looks so good on you.

    i don't like sweets [weird, i know] so i don't have a favorite. but i do loving baking, and giving all the goodies away :)

  5. Very pretty girl :) I would totally wear this outfit! And your hair looks lovely all twisted up!
    xo moorea

  6. You look wonderful, Chelsea! The top-knot bun is really flattering on you. I also love the blouse!

    big YAY for Scott coming in the first week of July too! And...cupcakes and lingerie, okay, I can see how that could work out. I think hahahaha xD

  7. Chels you look soo pretty! Love seeing you hair up I feel like I never do! Great outfit too!

  8. Love this look, so chic and casual! :)



  9. red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting - the best!!!!

    and girl, i love your hair up. i don't think i've ever seen it like that - i love it!!!

  10. Your hair looks gorgeous like that! I love it!

  11. You look sooo amazing. I love the outfit and the hair. My mom had so many different hairstyles in the 90s haha but I look like her a lot now, at least when my hair is straight.

    Absolutely love the photos too, girl. Looks like you're filling your time with such great things. xo

  12. Chels this is your BEST look yet. You are always beautiful but with you hair up it's a whole different level. You look absolutely gorgeous.

  13. Your hair looks INCREDIBLE up like that! I love it!

  14. I like your hair up like that! So cute :)

  15. I LOVE what you did with your hair! It brings out all of the beautiful features in your face! Also, your belted shirt in this outfit is just perfect!

  16. Btw Chelsea I keep seeing this blog title in my Reading List and keep singing it to the melody of "Hotel California"


  17. I LOVE these pictures! Your outfit is so cute. And I love seeing your hair pulled back to see more of your adorable face!
    Great photo spot. Such pretty flowers!



  18. I love vanilla cupcakes! mmm! I love the look of the building behind you! The architecture is amazing! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!


  19. This is a very different look, but wow, so pretty. You're so beautiful! This is a great outfit and you're so summery. :)

  20. I love those wedges and your hair up! Crazy fact: I'm related to Molly Brown!


  21. it looks absolutely beautiful! i love it on you :) I love the way you styled your hair, sometimes the heat gets to me, this is perfect.

  22. I love your hair up like this! :)

  23. Ummmm, your hair is PERFECT in this post and your outfit is adorable! Total grand slam for you :)