June 4, 2011

Joe's Farm Grill Dinner Date

One of my favorite summertime dates is to go to a restaurant where Scott and I can sit outside and enjoy the nice weather. After our peach picking adventure Scott and I stopped by Joe's Farm Grill to have a nice, outdoors dinner.

Beautiful trees above the outdoor seating at Joe's. My favorite spot.

At Joe's I had sweet potato fries and grilled cheese. The sandwich was so good, and the fries are my favorite.

Scott had french fries and a pork bbq sandwich, although he thought the sandwich didn't need the bbq (he actually thought it would ruin the flavor of it). To say he liked the sandwich would be an understatement!

We both had arnold palmers (lemonade and iced tea). I'm pretty sure this is my new favorite summer drink!

My lovely date.

While I'm in Colorado I'm definitely going to miss eating at Joe's. I love their outdoor seating, and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant. I already can't wait to go back in August!

What's your favorite summertime date?


  1. Ah that's such a gorgeous outdoor eating area! :)

    Hmm my favorite summertime date would probably be at this cafe in my little neighborhood. It's cute and has a nice outside area to sit when it isn't raining! haha

    oh and we call arnold palmers 50/50 here!

  2. That grilled cheese looks so gooey and delicious! I might just have to make one for supper! YUM!

    Oh and Arnold Palmers are the best! So refreshing!!!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  3. Arnold palmers are theeeee best. I love that you guys order them! Sometimes I'll seriously CRAVE them like crazy. Yum yum yum.