June 18, 2011

Palisade Farmer's Market

Last weekend I stopped in at the Palisade Farmer's Market. I had never been to this farmer's market before, so I wasn't really sure what expect, but when I got there I was totally impressed by how many booths and how many people were there. Here are a few peeks into what I saw there:


Prettiest veggies.

Coffee shop ceiling. Pretty, pretty

Iced coffee from said coffee shop. The free refills were a major bonus.

Cute party pig outside of a local art gallery.

Food truck!

Cute, hometown newspaper.

Pretty bakery sign.

I spotted this bike in the back of an antique store and thought it was pretty (although it is not vintage). The store that it sat behind was quite interesting, well, the store's owners actually. The male owner spotted my camera and told me he had a vintage camera book he wanted to show me. He proceeded to look for it in the messy shop for five minutes or more. Not too soon after his wife came in and told me that I could not go anywhere until they found the book (ahh creepy). Five or so minutes later, after waiting to be polite, I told them thanks for looking and slipped out. Most awkward ten minutes of my life.

A doggie in a stroller? Enough said.

Don't mind the messy hair, please!

Breakfast=strawberry empanada from a local bakery that was selling at the farmer's market.

I went home with an iced coffee, cinnamon bread, and a yummy empanada in my tummy. I had a lot of fun looking around at the market, and can't wait to check out the Grand Junction farmer's market in a few weeks! It's my favorite!

Do you go to farmer's markets? If so, do you go just to look, or do you pick up things while you're there?


  1. That looks so tasty...


  2. Ah this farmer's market looks great!! And sorry about your awkward 10 minutes! D: that's weird..lol

    And you LOVE iced coffee! I like it too! Though usually hot and straight. I'm not a frilly coffee-drink person.

    And I've only been to one farmer's market! :( I wish I knew where more were!

  3. That strawberry empanada sounds delish!

  4. Mmm that cinnamon loaf looks so yummy. What camera do you have? Next week I'm heading out to get a new, better camera and hopefully will start taking more pictures. I love how you document your life in photos!