June 19, 2011

Snow in June

While driving to Denver last week I got to experience a little bit of winter all over again. The snow was deep, and covered the surroundings mountains. It was quite the sight to see.

Last winter my family and I stopped here to take photos. It was crazy to see how much hadn't really changed since December. The snow was still packed high, and the temperature was still very cold (it was 45 degrees, but I'm sure during December it was much colder).

It was kind of fun to see all of that snow. I really enjoyed my time in the snow last winter, and being surrounded by it again gave me this winter state-of-mind (although it didn't last long). I can't even imagine living somewhere where snow could be a possibility all year round. I definitely need my sunshine and heat every once and awhile.

Is there any snow still left where you live? If not, when did it all melt? Do you enjoy snow/winter?


  1. I've never seen real snow in my life.
    Apparently it's "snowed" here since I've been alive but it was just sludge really :(

    Adelaide just gets cold wet grey days, none of the fun winter stuff!

  2. Ah snow! And there isn't any left where I live. We have pretty huge temperature swings so some days it's nearer 50 and others its closer to 90. Our summers are usually quite summery so there isn't any left.

    It melted in April sometime, and I DO enjoy winter! I don't like driving in a lot of snow (though I must), but I love the season and I love how it encases the world for a time. lol :)

  3. wow snow in June, sounds like make-believe! your pictures are so pretty though! & no, no snow here at all in Mexico City. I agree with you, it's really fun to experience snow and cold sometimes, but sunshine is good for my soul!

  4. It's nuts to see this photo. It's 90-something degrees here already, and it's sickeningly humid. Blaaah. How weird (and fun) to have snow during the summer break!

  5. Ooo, so gorgeous and you look adorable in that last pic! ^_^ Our snow is all gone, finally, totally melted away and didn't come back - even in flurries - around April/May! O.O

    I like winter and I like the snow, but my FAVORITE season of them all is Autumn, followed by Spring!!!