June 9, 2011

Summer Rain Day

Even though Colorado has some gorgeous days during the summer, it also has some very dark, dreary, and down right cold days. Not too soon after I got to Colorado we had one of those dreary days. My body felt shocked from the cold, but I had an urge to head outside when the sun finally decided to shine through the clouds.

For a few days I had to go back to dressing for cold weather days. I completely didn't mind, and was actually pretty excited to layer a few pieces I hadn't worn in awhile.

My first year of college I bought this vest from UO after seeing a friend have it, and being in love with the idea of a denim vest. I recently re-discovered it and kind of fell in love with it all over again. If you look close you can see my The Format pin on the collar. The Format was my favorite band in high school. I must have seen them eight or nine times. What fun I had at their shows!

Since it had been raining on and off I opted to wear my rain boots. Since it doesn't rain very much in Arizona, I don't get to wear them often (and even when it does I forget about them), so I decided to jump at the opportunity to slip them on. I think every girl deserves a pair of cute rain boots in her wardrobe.

On another note, yesterday my family decided to drive from Grand Junction, CO to Denver, CO for a few days. The plan is to visit my grandparents in Thornton (where my dad grew up), and to hopefully do a little shopping as well. Before I left home I did some shopping at my local Levi's store and they gave me a list of their stores in the Denver area (not going to lie, they were a bit sad to hear I was leaving for the summer. Scott and I are in there at least once a week browsing and visiting), so I'm hoping I can stop by at least one location (and maybe at an American Apparel too).

What are your plans for today? Do you have a pair of cute rain boots in your wardrobe?

Vest: UO
Cardigan: Banana Republic
V neck: c/o Five Bamboo
Necklace: vintage/gift from Scott
Button ring: gift from Vivi Dot
Jeans: Levi's
Boots: TJ Maxx


  1. I LOVE your outfit! The vest and cardigan go together so well, I thought they were a jacket. Lovely!!! Also, I totally agree about the rain boats. ^_^ I don't have any, but I want to buy some fun rain gear. Though sadly, Utah doesn't get much rain. (We did get a bit this year, so far, though!)

    Jen's told me Utah DOES have some intense Summer stormy weather, so here's hopin'!

  2. i love the vest under the cardigan. i thought it was a jacket at first!

  3. Oh! And! My plan's for today include... Laundry (clean clothes, woo!), cleaning (mostly cleaning out the fridge and what not...) and Jen and I are picking up some yummy Little Caesar's for her dad, as he's retiring today. Plus we're getting a pizza too. :P

  4. Cute outfit! Please send some of that cool weather my way-Dallas has been in the high nineties for the past 2 weeks! Blech.

  5. I sure do! I have a pair of Target rainboots in a black and white houndstooth pattern. I wear them constantly... and sometimes just for fun. I wore them all over Chicago last time I visited and my dad saw me in them one morning and said, "Oh K! You'll fit right in, I see those boots everywhere." haha

  6. another great vest! i love it. and your boots are so cute!

  7. I love when I can rediscover something in my closet and it feels new to me again! This is so adorable, I love all the layers, and I LOVE the format, they are summer to me.

  8. Ooh you're making me want to rock a vest again soon! As far as rainy day wear, I have an adorable pair of boots that look like old school floral wallpaper. Love them. They're from Orvis.

    Cute post. You look like you're having a nice time. Reflective and peaceful. :)

    <3 Robyn from citizentiny.com

  9. Ah very cute rain boots! I'm dying for a pair of Hunter wellies, even though they'll get no use here in the desert. However, I'm planning on honeymooning in San Francisco in the winter/early spring, so I think it's justifiable, right? ;)

  10. I love the light layers, they are perfect. I do have a pair of green rain boots and I just got a pair of jelly flats that will also work for the rain, at least they as an alternative. :)

  11. I love that vest! I've been searching all over since I've been traveling for one, but I think I've decided to wait until I'm home to save some money (and weight in my suitcase!) :]