June 10, 2011

A Walk Through Downtown Grand Junction

Today I thought I would share a few peeks at Grand Junction, CO. I've spent a lot of time here over the years, and definitely have my favorite spots. I love spending time in downtown, roaming the shops and sipping iced coffee (but really when do I not love that? NEVER!). Anyways, here are some snapshots from a walk I went on the other day through downtown Grand Junction.

Roasted Coffee shop. Best iced coffee in downtown.

Cute, vintage buggy outside of a hip baby/kid clothing store.

Record store to the left, and concert venue in the middle.

Pretty art wall for a children's hospital.

Cutest knitting shop!

Main Street Bagels, my go-to place for breakfast and lunch in downtown. They have awesome Greek salads, and the yummiest pastries.

Inside Main Street Bagels.

Lavender french macaroon and iced coffee from Roasted.

Brown's Shoe Fit Co., a shoe store for a slightly older crowd, but you really can find some gems in there every once and awhile.

Have you been on any fun, summertime walks lately?


  1. looks like a fun place! that vintage buggy is adorable!!

  2. That Knitting/fabric shop, Tangle, is my favorite stop in junction!

  3. Ah I love downtown Grand Junction! I've never been there but these pictures makes me wanna go! Haha :) I particularly like the the looks of Main Street Bagels lol

  4. I love the pretty colored wall and the buggy! Cute!

  5. Loved the vintage buggy and the coffee shop :D

  6. Looks like such a cute place! I'd love to hit up that knitting store. :)

  7. Wowow real iced coffee! Everywhere here makes iced coffee as milky-creamy-sundae type things :-(