July 12, 2011

Abandoned Colorado

Last week Scott and I drove up a long and winding rode to Durago, Colorado. On the beginning of our drive we spotted these beautiful, abounded homes in the middle of nowhere, so on our way back we decided to pull over the car and explore a little.

Scott was all in for exploring, however, I was a little apprehensive. I grabbed his hand though and made my way down the hill.

This notice basically said that people watch over these homes and that it was ok to look, but leave everything as it was. Seeing this sign made me feel a little better, as I knew that it was on someone's radar.

The homes themselves were absolutely beautiful, peeling paint and all. I'm not quite sure how long the homes have been there, or how long they have been abandoned, but I loved being surrounded by the ghost of the past.

This house was full of old school lockers and not much else.

I am almost positive one of the reasons these homes were abandoned was because they are starting to fall of the side of a cliff. One day this home will probably be washed away by the rain and will fall onto the highway. I hope someone takes care of it before then!

The homes were breathtaking and it was so neat to venture around with nobody but just us around. If I was more brave I probably would have gone inside and looked around, although, I am pretty sure these homes were very unstable and I would have hated to have some kind of accident in there. It all reminds me of a terrible horror movie in the making.

This pole was the only way that we could get from one side to another. I was so happy to have not fallen in the water (it wasn't that deep though).

Adventures with Scott are truly the best and I'm so happy that we made the stop. This was one of my favorite times with Scott while he was here, and is something I will remember for the rest of my life!

Love was certainly in the air on this romantic, afternoon adventure.

Have you ever gone exploring through abandoned homes?

Sienna Dress: c/o Mixie Clothing
Belt: Forever 21
Watch: Fossil
Sandals: Salt Water Sandals

Button-up: Sheplers
Jeans: Levi's
Shoes: Ecco

-Chelsea XO


  1. That's amazing! I loved reading and looking at all the incredible pictures in this post! AND your dress is simply adorable. ;D

    <3 Deanna


  2. there was an abandoned house about a mile from our house that sat next to the rail railroads. my sister and i would go play around it when we were younger, but were always too scared to go inside! i was sad when they tore it down a few years ago to put in a highway. good memories surrounded that old house! you look lovely and totally in love! i love your dress!

  3. aw this looks so fun, and you look amazing!

  4. I lived in Colorado for a year and love that I have been to some of the places you talk about here :) I lived in Lake City... itty bitty town. But everything about CO is lovely.

  5. wow. that place is seriously inspirational.

  6. Absolutely beautiful. This is what I see in my dreams!

  7. Abandoned houses always make me so sad! But they make for awesome pictures, as you have so clearly demonstrated :)

  8. This is really neat! Makes you wonder why people just picked up and left! Glad you had a great stop!

  9. so cute you had a romantic adventure with your sweetie! you two look so happy together, really adorable! I love these pictures too, the old houses and scenery together are so picturesque & your pretty white dress is perfect! I've never been in an abandoned house but have always wanted to. Unfortunately the only ones I've ever seen appeared to be invaded and not very safe for exploring.

  10. You two are seriously SO adorable!! <3

  11. This. is. so cute! I love adventures in abandoned places, and I love your outfit so much. So, so much. Happy you and Scott are have a lovely time together this summer. Loved this post...

    (Too many "loves"? haha)

  12. I love your CO adventures. I used to live in Cortez, which is about 40 miles from Durango. Such pretty areas!

  13. Ahh I love these buildings! I'm glad it's a historical site too. :)

    P.S. - SO would of fallen off that pipe lol!!! xD