July 13, 2011

Adventures in Ouray!

For the second summer in a row Scott and I visited Ouray, Colorado. Ouray is a pretty mountain town that has cute shops, little cafes, and a natural hot springs pool. Last year Ouray was one of our favorite stops, and this year we enjoyed it just as much. We did, however, get caught in the rain without the proper attire, but we made it work with our giant umbrella and walking arm in arm (I sure didn't mind!).

The town really only has one main road that you can wander down, so in the on and off pouring rain we walked along both side of the streets. Occasionally we stopped in a store, most mountain gear/apparel shops and cafes, oh, and that weird boutique that had an upstairs that Scott could barely stand in because he hit his head on the roof and had a basement that made me feel dizzy.

Last summer we had lunch at this bar/grill at the end of town, so this year we decided to stop in to get out of the rain and to share a snack.

We split an iced tea and sweet potato fries and then went on our way, back out into the rain to explore some more.

We stopped in a book store that sold new and used books, along with a few antiques. Most of the antiques were pretty unique, but the most interesting item was this gas mask that was in the original box and had the instructions still stuck inside. Definitely a creepy find! Would you believe a few days later I saw a very similar gas mask in an antique store 100 miles away? Well, I did!

The bookstore was connected to a fancy hotel that dates back to the late 1800's. We wandered around a little bit, but because the light was so poor inside I didn't really end up with any good photos. However, the outside is just as beautiful as the inside! I just love historic buildings!

Before we headed out of Ouray we made two more stops along the way, but your'e going to have to wait just a little bit to hear more about what we did!

He seriously makes my heart swoon!

Have you ever visited Ouray before? What's your favorite road trip snack?
-Chelsea XO


  1. What a lovely day! Than again, rain = much happiness in my opinion. That bookstore is AWESOME!!! I have come to like gas masks. At first they kinda creeped me out, but now I think they have a creepy sorta charm. :P

    Also? That building? Gorgeous.

    My favorite road trip snack is a sub sandwich. :P When Jen and I used to have to drive to our local Wal-Mart (three hours away!), we'd get a Monster coffee each and a sub sandwich each and we'd pick at 'em on the way. :P

  2. I love Ouray! My family took a vacation there when I was 12 or so. Every single waking minute that wasn't spent hiking or eating was spent in that hot spring. Did you guys go to the hot spring? I remember there was a diving board, and if you touched the bottom of the pool is was all slimy and green like it was covered with algae. As an adult this would probably gross me out, but as a kid I thought it was awesome, haha.

  3. i've never been to ouray, but it seems like a sweet little town! all the interesting shops remind me of my hometown. looks like you had a lovely time despite the rain! you and scott are just adorable! my favorite road trip snack is tom's hot fries and arizona sweet tea - always the best!

  4. I went to Ouray when I was living in CO. Loved it. I love rice cakes and fruit for travel, especially mango :)

  5. Ryan and I drove through Ouray in May on our roadtrip! We were stunned by it actually, because we didn't know it was there, and thought it was SO beautiful! During our CRAZY drive on that highway, it was snowing SO much, like a blizzard, and I thought we were going to literally die. Our car was losing traction, and the road was totally covered... I was completely car sick that whole day too... when we came to Ouray, the snow stopped, and the sun came out for a little bit! We were amazed by how the mountains were the most beautiful frame to that town! I wanted to stay there longer, but we just stopped for a photo, and were on our way again. I want to visit again one day.
    Great post!
    xo holly

  6. Aww, that sounds like a fun day- bet you guys looked so adorable underneath your giant umbrella! The mountains in the background of your photos are so beautiful... what a lovely place! :)

  7. fave road trip snacks - sweettarts and flamin' hot cheetos!

    and this all looks like so much fun - loved that you guys had some adventures together!!