July 22, 2011

Around Downtown Durango

Scott and I's trip to Durango, CO was extra lovely. On the way there we battled curvy mountains that just didn't seem to want to end, and on the way back we explored a ghost town that will not soon be forgotten. During our time in Durango, though, we had so much fun exploring a new to us city, finding neat murals, and digging through antique stores and pretty boutiques.

Right after we parked the car this mural was one of the first things we spotted once we got onto the main downtown street. After seeing it I instantly felt drawn to it, and just had to take a closer look.

As the plaque explains, In 1915 Jack Dempsey The "Manassa Mauler" beat Andy Malloy in a ten round fight in that very spot. Well, in the 1940's my maternal grandfather came into contact with the Manassa in a very confrontational meeting, and when it came down to it, my Grandpa Arkie was the last man standing. It wasn't an ideal situation, but knowing how famous a fighter Dempsey was makes me feel proud of my grandpa. He was a tough man, and someone I miss dearly every single day. The mural certainly left him on my mind for the rest of the day.

Anyways, our first stop in our walk around downtown was a sweet coffee shop. Scott and I left with a large passion iced tea to share!

This is the same outfit I was wearing in one of our abandoned adventures, minus the We Love Colors leggings that I wore the whole afternoon. I felt so much more comfortable wearing WLC leggings with this pretty Mixie dress. Plus, we got caught in the rain a few times and they were so good for keeping me warm!

So by lunch time we were starving and decided to check out a local pizza place that Scott spotted off a side street.

The pizza took awhile to get to us, which my empty stomach was not happy about, but the slices we ended up getting were literally bigger than our faces and were oh so good!

The rest of our afternoon was spent checking out local antique stores and novelty shops!

This book store we went into right after lunch was insane! There was stuff everywhere, and I was so afraid something was going to fall on me. I felt very claustrophobic in there, and scooted Scott out as soon as I could (Promise this isn't the book store I bought your journal in, Odessa).

After the book store we headed to a neat antique store down the street were we spent quite a bit of time. We didn't end up coming home with anything from there, but we had a lot of fun looking around.

If I had the room, this fan would have come home with me!

Durango was probably our second favorite town of the few that we visited that week. There was tons of shops, things to look at, cafes to eat at, and so many people around. I would definitely go back again and eat at the cute French restaurant we skipped out on, and possibly take a train ride down to Silverton and back again. All in all, visiting Durango was definitely worth our windy, three hour drive, and will definitely be a must visit for us if we're ever semi-close again.

Sienna dress: c/o Mixie Clothing
Leggings: c/o We Love Colors

What do you love most about exploring new towns? When you go to a new town, what kinds of places do you always like to check out?
-Chelsea XO


  1. that piece of pizza was huge - probably would have taken me the whole day to eat that! i like your outfit, the wlc tights go well with it!

  2. You two have more fun adventures then anyone I know! I really want to find more time to do cute things like this! :) PS you look adorbs as always!!!

  3. That is the most amazing slice of pizza! I'm on my lunch break from work and am now craving a slice. :)

    When I go visit a new town, I always check out their ice cream parlors. I am a huge fan of ice cream, and am sure to sample the local fare.

  4. That mural is pretty spiffy -- it's interesting how you were drawn to it and then it reminded you of your granddad!

    I kind of want to eat that pizza...that thing is HUGE. Way to on gettin' olives! ;D so good!

    I love it how you're so bold to just go adventuring to different towns. I've never really done that before so the kinds of places I would go are....somewhere relatively safe? Haha I'm not sure! xD

  5. Oh my! That's the biggest piece of pizza I've ever seen! Looks like such a fun outing--especially the little shop.

  6. That is the biggest slice I have ever seeeeeeen!

  7. Your outfit is GORGEOUS!!! I ♥ that dress. Also, that book store did look really cramped - eek! And I want that pizza, like, now. Those pieces are HUGE, but yummy looking. :D

  8. Always visits:

    coffee shops
    somewhere to get something sweet (paletas and gelato are faves)
    record stores
    art galleries