July 26, 2011

Around Telluride

Among my most favorite towns I visited this summer is Telluride, CO. Telluride is a quaint, resort town that is full of charm. From their amazing farmer's market (more on that later), to all their sweet shops, and the free gondola ride that Scott and I could have gone on over and over again (ok, maybe not too many times because I'm sure I would have gotten sick eventually), the town is an amazing place tucked away between the most beautiful mountains.

We spent the afternoon eating, hanging out in the park, looking through lots of neat shops, and riding a gondola to the top of a very high mountain, down and back again. It really was a perfect afternoon that I soon won't forget.

Scott and I stopped in a few shops that had some amazing things in them. The picture above was taken in a sweet boutique that had the most amazing Frye purses and Jeffrey Campbell shoes I had ever seen.

The boutique had a tiny upstairs area that I am sure has been there for over a hundred years (as has the building). The floor was uneven, the ceiling was low (so low that Scott had to crouch while up there), and being up there made me feel slightly like I had vertigo!

We looked through a few more stores where I spotted my favorite Blowfish Shoes, and Scott tried on funny hats. Oh, and there was lots of kisses involved!

Our trip to Telluride wouldn't have been complete if we didn't ride the gondola. The gondola is free and takes you up to the very top of a nearby mountain, then back down to a village, and on to another one as well (and back to the very beginning of course). The afternoon we went to Telluride they were having a down hill bike competition so Scott and I got to see all of the racers go down the side of the mountain as we rode by on the gondola.

The view up there was absolutely breathtaking.

The ride down was slightly scary. I know we were safe up there, but going down the side of the mountain is much more scary than going up. It felt like we were just going to tumble down! ECK!

We both had a great time in Telluride and can't wait to go back some day. It really is such a great town!

On a side note, I made it to Utah safely and will be here for the rest of the week. The town I'm in is crazy about dinosaurs (there literally is giant dinosaur statues everywhere), and is pretty small. They do have a frozen yogurt shop and a clothing store so I don't think I'll be too terribly bored this week.

Have you ever been to Telluride before? What are you up to today?
-Chelsea XO


  1. just catching up here :), it looks gorgeous there, and it's definitely on my list of places to visit!

  2. such beautiful pictures - and i love the mirror picture of you two!

  3. sounds like a wonderful day! i've never been on a gondola ride before, but it sounds lovely!

  4. I loooove Telluride! Last summer we rode that gondola and hung out in the "ski town" (which we thought was funny because it was HOT). It's such a beautiful little city!

  5. Ooo, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to visit Telluride. That little town sounds so lovely and peaceful and the buildings look vintage and romantic. Lovely!!!

  6. Oh gosh, I just love gondola rides! How fun, and wow... so many adventures you two got to have during Scott's visit. How romantic.

  7. oh my, we LOVE Telluride. We've been there twice. Fell in love the first time and had to go back the second. And the second our favorite band happened to be playing.
    Telluride is such a magical town.
    Great post :)
    New follower here!