July 19, 2011

Country Royalty

Since being in Colorado I've spent a lot of time around cute farmers, pretty horses, and rodeos (although, I have not attended any). The other day I felt like dressing up and going on a walk around a local horse stables. Most of the horses were out (rodeo days), but it was still fun to look around and admire the pretty animals that I did see. I kind of felt like one of those rodeo queens walking around in such pretty clothes in a horse stable!

I went for a classic look with this outfit. A pretty blouse, skinny jeans, and flats may be my favorite combo ever. You know how in the interviews I feature on my blog I ask, "if you had to choose when outfit to wear the rest of your life, what would it look like?" Well, this outfit pretty much sums up my answer!

The sweet folks at Threadcase sent me this beautiful blouse. The lace detail and sheer fabric makes me feel so dainty. It really is such a classic piece (just my style).

On a side note, every time I see these shoes in my closet I giggle a bit. I bought them four, five, maybe even six years ago on a whim. I thought they were really pretty, and completely out of my comfort zone. Recently I decided I really should wear them, since they are Steve Madden and still look new after all these years. I'm pretty sure somehow I knew when I bought these that I would love them one day, I just needed time.

Yesterday Threadcase launched their new site look, and I have to say, it's lovely! Liz of Srsly Liz did the design and she did such a great job! If you haven't checked out the Threadcase site, you most definitely should now! They have such lovely blouses and dresses in their shop! Right now I have my eye on the Grapevine Top, and the Southern Charmer Dress!

This week is my last week in Colorado, then I'm off to Utah, Wyoming, and finally home! This summer feels like it has been very long, but has gone by quick at the same time. I already can't wait to get home and get back into my normal routine (although, a new school + new degree studies won't be normal at all!).

Outfit details:
Jeans: Levi's
Studded wedges: Steve Madden

Have you ever ventured around horse stables, or been to a rodeo before? What's your favorite piece in the Threadcase shop?


  1. i love those flats! i have some shoes in my closet that are like that--ones i've had forever, but am just now getting around to wearing!

  2. i love your top - the lace detailing is beautiful! my younger sister has two horses so i'm around the stable quite often. it can be fun if you don't have to do any of the cleaning up!

  3. oh my goodness. what a beautiful top. i love when you wear white/off white because it looks so insanely pretty with your hair...my gosh, your hair...can i leave one comment, just one, ever, where i don't mention your pretty hair?

    the answer: probably not.

  4. Love the setting here. You do look dainty in that blouse, but I'm pretty sure you'd look dainty in a motorcycle jacket and boots!

  5. a loose-fitting blouse, jeggings, and flats are my #1 favorite thing to wear too :) sometimes i think i should be more creative with my outfits, but it's always so comfortable! :) great blouse and great shoes!

  6. I was around racehorse stables all of my childhood life, as my parents owned them and my dad worked at our local racetrack in Chicago. :D When I was 18 and Jen and I got our first job, the tour horsies were kept in a stable and I went over every morning to say hello, pet them and talk with my friend Laura who worked there.

    I have been IN a rodeo, riding a bareback bronc and a bull and I have been TO a rodeo, my first rodeo (except those I rode in) last year. ^_^ I LOVED IT!!!

    I love the country. I'm a country girl in my heart. Your outfit is beautiful and SQUEEEE I have a new shop to check out!

  7. I love being around horses! My mother decided on a whim that she wants to start riding horses, since she has the free time, with all of my siblings being in college and away from home. We went riding together a few weeks ago and it was amazing. My horse's name was Lumpy. :) So cute!

  8. Rodeos are a ton of fun! You should definitely check one out. Plus, there are lots of cute cowboys... :)

  9. What a lovely summer top!! Very sweet!

  10. I love these photos. Your crazy long hair blonde hair on the dark backdrop is beautiful! I live in Boulder and these CO posts are making me want to venture to other parts of the state. Thanks!