July 14, 2011

Doc Holiday's Grave

During Scott's visit we drove to Glenwood Springs, CO. For years now I have been telling him about how when I was younger I hiked up to Doc Holiday's grave site a few times. This year we decided it was a must to make the hike up to the old cemetery together (which happens to sit on the top of a high mountain).

The path to the cemetery sits along a cute neighborhood. The hike is pretty much straight up, but the view from the top is so lovely. You can see the whole valley from up there!

The cemetery is full of old headstones dating back to the early to mid 1800's. There were also a few here and there that were from the early 1900's as well. This may sound kind of morbid, but I totally love all of the old headstones. It's amazing how long they have lasted, especially up there on the top of that mountain!

The fence Scott is standing next to contains a very long, flat headstone. This was one of the most interesting ones we saw while up there!

And here he is, well, here is his memorial stone! As the above stone says Holiday is buried someplace in the cemetery, but not necessarily in this plot. He could be in an unmarked grave (there are lots of those up there), or he could have slid down the side of the mountain during a storm (I once heard a story like this from a local).

Since we were going to be spending the day in Glenwood and walking basically every where, I decided to go for a comfy, yet classic outfit. Recently Five Bamboo sent me this black mini skirt and I have to say, it was the perfect piece for my day out on the town (and mountain). The skirt is super soft, and breathable (which was great because I definitely was sweating hiking up that mountain). Plus, I felt pretty while making my way up that mountain (and throughout the rest of the day, of course).

The wildflowers up on the mountain were so beautiful! I wish we had wildflowers like those in Phoenix!

The cemetery is full of twists and turns that can lead you one way or another. While walking around I tried to stay close to Scott, as I would have hated to get lost up there in that old, possibly haunted, cemetery.

Up on the mountain they had the biggest dandelions, and Scott couldn't resist playing with one!

On our way back down we stopped to take in the view of the mountain town.

They have a bench up there where you can take a rest for a minute or two. However, the bench is awfully close to the edge of the cliff and was a little too scary for me, so I opted just to take the photos!

Outfit details:
Top: Target
Sunglasses: New wayfarers // Ray Bans
Mini skirt: c/o Five Bamboo
Turquoise ring: vintage
Boat shoes: Sperry's

Have you ever gone exploring in an old cemetery?
-Chelsea XO


  1. I am so jealous! That sounds like such an absolutely lovely day. I know this may sound morbid, but I think graveyards are beautiful. (Maybe that's the Gothic girl in me?) And to see the cemetery where Doc Holiday is? Awesome.

    We have a cemetery around here in a city called Murray that is HUGE and every local says is haunted. We've never seen anything, but one night we've thought of exploring (if possible!)

    Have a lovely day and you looked GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Those dandelions are outrageous! I love your outfit - so simple and cute.

    Your daytrips are so inspiring!! Keep them coming :)

    - Mel

  3. you guys are too cute! looks like you had a splendid time! thos dandelions are beautiful - i never seen one so big! hope you are having a lovely day!

  4. Chelsea! I'm loving this series of posts. I'm a little disappointed you didn't get a pic of my grandparent's house though. Two of my great grandparents are buried in that cemetery and from the path up you can see my grandparent's property. It's the pasture that's right up against the hill, there may have been a horse in it. :-) Now I'm all giggly and giddy and homesick. I love finding things/places I actually know on other people's blogs.

    Oh and to answer your question, I have been to old cemeteries, particularly that one, quite a few times!

  5. Actually, just to the left and more directly down from your first picture is their property.

  6. Sorry, I'm all selfish and enthusiastic. You look gorgeous, by the way, and you and your man are look the epitome of happiness! I'm so glad you're enjoying the trip!

  7. Beautiful! Those Ray Bans are awesome. I think you should do a post on your sunglasses collection sometime - you have great ones!

  8. Ah very cool!! I know, I feel morbid admitting that I like the old headstones. It's so cool you saw Doc Holiday's grave. I just saw John Steinbeck's and will be posting about it soon. :D

    P.S. Cute outfit.