July 20, 2011

Glenwood Adventure!

Even though Scott has been back home for over a week now, I still have so many stories and photos I want to share from our adventures together. So today we're going to go back to Glenwood Springs, CO. After Scott and I's hike to Doc Holiday's grave we went to downtown Glenwood for a treat and a nice walk around town.

We ended up stopping at a local cupcake shop that I had tweeted about trying to go to once (it was closed when I last tried to stop by). The shop is actually half cupcake shop, half lingerie shop. The overall feeling of the store was a bit strange, but the cupcakes were delicious!

My chai tea cupcake, and his red velvet cupcake!

After we finished our cupcakes we headed down the street, stopping by the prettiest brick wall that I "ohh" and "awwh" at every time I see it.

Last summer Scott and I took photos in front of this same wall, so I figured it was only appropriate to do the same this year.

Happy together!

Our last stop of the day was the Glenwood Springs Hot Springs pool! We first walked on the bridge that goes right alongside the front of the pool so we could see get a pretty view of the it, and also of the big river that the bridge goes right over.

Scott and I spent the rest of the afternoon lounging by the pool, eating frozen lemonade and ice cream together. We both got a little too much sun, but we really had a wonderful time. If you're ever in the area you should definitely check out the Glenwood natural hot springs pool!

What's your favorite kind of cupcake? Have you ever been in a natural hot springs pool before?
-Chelsea XO


  1. MY fave cupcake right now is coffee cupcake yum! I've been in natural hot springs pool, I dunno around there but here they are REALLY hot but after a while they just feel so good. Awesome pics :)!

  2. I've been in a natural hot spring pool somewhere in Colorado. I love CO dearly, I've taken so many wonderful family vacations there! I love your "wall" traditions, so cute!

  3. Oh my gosh! that hot springs pool looks amazing! Do you ever go in the winter?? A chai cupcake sounds so yummy! I had a samosa cupcake from trophy cupcakes in Seattle once that was incredible. It was made from the coconut samosa girl scout cookies! That is so...interesting to have a cupcake shop and lingerie shop together haha. Cooky but fun!

    -Morgan (Born of the Sea)
    Born of the Sea <---this is my little blog

  4. both of your cupcakes look so yummy! i don't usually eat sweets, but when i do, i just love plain ole chocolate!

  5. Oh, how fun. Harbor was just telling me how great natural hot springs are. I've always wanted to visit one... this post makes that desire even stronger!

    And, of course. Those cupcakes look incredible. I want to bake cupcakes with an orange glaze as soon as I get settled into my new place next month... and drink a warm chai alongside it. :)

  6. ohmyword, that chai cupcake looks divine!

  7. Hahahah you are SO excited for that cupcake. I love your little date, day-trip posts & that pool looks INCREDIBLE! And mmm frozen lemonade! I've only had it once (it's not a big deal in England/Canada for some reason) but it was super yummy. xo

  8. You two are just the cutest! Your love for each other radiates through my computer screen :)