July 23, 2011

Grand Junction Farmer's Market

In the summertime, I really can't get enough of farmer's markets! The ones they have in Colorado are seriously amazing, and while Scott was here we had the chance to check out the Grand Junction farmer's market for the second year in a row. Last year we went and we were blow away by how amazing it was! Most towns in the Phoenix area have their own farmer's markets, but they are nothing like the ones they have here.

Since we got there a little late the area was packed and we had to park a few blocks away. On our walk to the downtown area we passed this sweet colored brick wall and couldn't pass up taking photos in front of it (well, I might have insisted that Scott let me take his photo!).

Downtown was absolutely packed and the whole main strip was blocked off (people were seriously walking around everywhere). The farmer's market was a bit overwhelming, but we made it to the end of the it and back again.

By this point we were both starving and decided to pick out something to eat. Scott got a green chili burrito, and I had a slice of pesto pizza! We also both had the most amazing mint iced tea, and shared cinnamon almonds. Last year I introduced Scott to this sweet treat and he's been hooked ever since!

After we finished our dinner we took another walk around and ended up in a cute antique store that we visited last year as well.

We didn't come home with anything from this little shop, but they sure did have some beautiful, and unique items.

Before we hit the road we picked up some sweet french macaroons from the local bagel shop (raspberry and lemon). They weren't as good as the ones from Essence in Tempe, but they still were very tasty!

What is your favorite part about farmer's markets? Do you go to one often?
-Chelsea XO


  1. What a great day. :) and you always eat really good-looking food, Chelsea. Lol!

    I like the fact that farmer's markets put you right there with the produce from the land without any real in btwn (other than the farmers). I've only been to a few in my life (I live in a more urban-ish part of PA if that's possible)so I don't go as often as I would like!

  2. I love farmers markets and live 5 mins walk from our local one so I buy ALL my fruit and veg there :)

    Lovely pix!

  3. oh love your adventures - and farmers markets are the best!!

  4. Your looking adorable, love the cardy & simple skirt combo. AND yes, adore farmers markets. I love all of the different artisans, handmade things are definitley a fave ...plus the food is sooo good. xx veronika

  5. I agree, I cannot get enough of farmers markets recently. It makes grocery shopping so much more enjoyable! We have had tons popping up in my area.

    Also, was so nice to see you over at Sometimes Sweet today!

    -Morgan ( Born of the Sea ) <--my little blog

  6. I have never visited a farmers market, but I plan on doing so soon enough. I think it's wonderful that everything is locally grown and so FRESH!!!

    That pesto pizza looks deLICIOUS.

  7. I absolutely love all of your Colorado posts, Chelsea! You're bringing back all of my memories of spending time in the GJ area with my family year after year...such a great feeling :) Can't wait until I can go back and hang with my Grammie (she lives in Fruita now). Anyway, thank you!

  8. you two are adorable! farmer's markets are the best! I moved to seattle recently, and the ones here are amazing too! my favorite day of the week is saturday :)

    you always gotta make the bf get his photo taken. its always worth it!


  9. I love hearing about your adventures! The your outfit is great!

  10. wow, that pesto pizza looks amazing and i love love love that colored brick wall! my favorite part of farmers markets is definitely all the samples--i love trying all the yummy fruit :)

  11. that colored brick wall is awesome, glad you stopped for a shot! the markets there def do seem much better than the ones in the Phx area, glad you took advantage of them! mmm cinamon almonds sounds amazing, never heard of them before! & you look adorable I must add! love your bag & sandals & such a great cardi color for some fun contrast!