July 25, 2011

Leaving Colorado

Well, this is it! Yesterday was my last day in Colorado, and today I'm heading out of the state and on to Utah. My final week here was a very busy one, but I was able to spend an hour in my favorite spot in town, downtown Grand Junction.

I went downtown by myself and walked around to a few of my favorite spots. This alleyway has always been a fav of mine, so I had to stop and take one last photo set here before I head out for the year. Last month I took photos just on the opposite side of this wall, so it felt fitting to take my last photos here (bringing everything full circle).

It was a fairly warm, early afternoon, but I felt like layering one of my favorite Levi's dresses with skinny jeans and sky high wedges. I'm craving fall weather so bad, and I'm so ready to dress like it's 70 degrees out and I can drink hot coffee outside without burning up.

After my week in Utah, and my week in Wyoming I will be heading home to Phoenix to start Grad School. I've been missing Scott big time since he left, and lately I've been finding comfort in wearing this little Tiffany heart he gave me for Christmas one year. I absolutely can't wait to run off that plane and into his arms! I sure wish there was a fast forward button I could push to make the next two weeks zoom by!

For some reason this little area reminds of the park scene in 500 Days of Summer. The view isn't quite as magical, but the area still has some charm to it.

I'm going to miss all of this amazing exposed brick around here! My heart isn't feeling too bad, though, because I know once I get back home and down to Phoenix I will be surrounding buy it again (being surrounded around amazing buildings inspires me so much!).

I would be lying if I didn't say that this downtown visit involved a stop at my favorite coffee shop, Roasted. A large iced americano was purchased and gulped down! YUM! There iced americanos really are so good.

Outfit details:
Sunnies: Ray Bans
Dress/tunic: Levi's
Belt: My mom's
Key necklace: Tiffany's
Flourish bracelet: gift from Danielle
Skinnies: Levis
Kork Ease Bette Wedges: Won on Calivintage

What inspires you? Have you ever been to Utah before?
-Chelsea XO


  1. Architecture and color definitely inspire me. I love it when you can look at a building and you can tell how much love and dedication was put into it. I've never been to Utah before - I've actually never been out West! Hope you enjoy your time, and that it goes by quickly for you :)

  2. oh my goodness - i love those shoes!!!!

  3. i LIVE in utah!!!
    downtown salt lake city to be exact.
    if you need any ideas of places to visit/eat at, let me know!


  4. your hair looks fabulous!
    ~Andrea @ hecallsmewifey.blogspot.com

  5. Hooray, lovely pictures! I hope the next couple of weeks go by really fast so you can get back to Phoenix soon!

  6. i love this outfit along with all your others! It would mean the world to me if you voted for me here:
    pleaseee please please

  7. I love your outfit and I want Autumn weather soooo badly as well!!!

    I'm truly inspired by the Western Skies. Really and truly.

    Also, visit Utah?! I live here!!! :D