July 15, 2011

Mouse's Chocolates & Coffee

Our second to last stop in Ouray, CO was Mouse's Chocolates & Coffee. Last year this sweet shop had just opened and I had to coerce Scott into splitting some chocolate with me. This year, though, I had no problem convincing him that we need to go in and get something here.

We split one of these everything cookies. It was probably the best cookie I've had in my life! It was full of chocolate, nuts, butterscotch sauce, etc! It was seriously so delicious!

Last year we each had one of those white chocolate cranberry and apricot bars. I remember it being delicious, but decided it would be best to try something new this year!

Once I saw the fudge I knew I was in trouble. I have a serious love for fudge, maybe because my grandma makes batches and batches of it from Thanksgiving to Christmas and I never seem to get enough of it! Scott pointed out to me that they had a mint fudge (two of my favorite things EVER), so we got a chunk and split it between the two of us.

They also had a full coffee bar in the shop. Some of there signature drinks sounded quite appealing. They even had a dirty hippie (iced chai + espresso shots aka my favorite drink years ago), but we just opted for water.

The both really loved the cookie and the fudge. This shop is definitely a place that should be visited at least once a year (I am sure I would be there way more if I lived nearby).

Scott doesn't look like he's enjoying that fudge at all, does he? hehe

Our last stop I didn't get any photos of, unfortunately. We spent about two hours in a natural hots springs pool relaxing and taking in the scenery. For the first 20 minutes or so that we were there it rained, but since the water was so warm the rain didn't bother us at all. We really enjoyed our time there and would definitely suggest to anyone visiting in the area that you make a stop at the hot springs pool!

Do you have a favorite chocolate shop? Have you ever been to a natural hot springs pool before?
-Chelsea XO


  1. I looove mint fudge. I could eat fudge all day and all night.

  2. Yum. Haha, I love that last picture of Scott, so cute! Anytime I read your posts that have food in them (like every other one) I get SO hungry!

    <3 Deanna


  3. That place looks so so yummy! You two are the cutest!

  4. Oh yum! Soner and I went to this chocolate place that has vegan truffles. it was our 2nd date!! so romantic!!haha.

  5. I just about spit my coffee on to the screen of my computer when I saw that you had been in Ouray! I visited my friend who has been living there for the past year at the beginning of May and I loved that area. We had cookies and coffee at Mouse's - those "everything cookies" are insanely delish! We also visited the big hot springs for a couple hours one cool evening (we didn't do the clothing optional hot springs) and did the private hot springs that goes into an underground cave a different day. I'm glad you enjoyed visiting Ouray again. I know I hope to head back there some day to see what I missed.


  6. Ah! Why are you tempting me with these delicious photos when I don't have access to these treats?? So yummy looking.