July 18, 2011

Now accepting sponsors for the month of August!

July has been a wonderful month. I've spent a lot of time venturing around in Western Colorado (with my love for part of it!), snapping outfit photos in breathtaking locations and checking out all of the local hot spots (again, and again). I've enjoyed sharing all of these moments with you all so much, and can't wait to share the last few weeks of my summer adventure, and all about my transition into a grad school student.

August is going to be a VERY exciting month. I will be visiting Utah and Wyoming, and wrapping up my summer on the road. I will also be hopping on a jet plane home to Arizona, where I will be reunited with my love. I'll be spending lots of time going to all of my favorite places that I've missed so much, and attending my very first grad school class! ECK!

I would love to have you as a sponsor next month! It's going to be a great one!

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  1. Ahhhh, you'll be in Utah?! How long? Where abouts? :D

    Sounds like such a fabulous adventure. I love hearing about all of your traveling!

  2. I'm not financially able to sponsor, but I'm glad to hear you're gonna be so busy in a good way, Chelsea! Best of luck and happy you'll be back with Scott soon! :)