July 9, 2011

Sacred Grounds

Scott and I are enjoying our last day together before he heads home to Phoenix! Here is a little post though on a coffee shop I once loved, but today I'm unsure of!

Years ago when I first started getting into coffee I was in Glenwood Springs and decided to go to Sacred Grounds. I instantly fell in love the cute shop and wanted to go every day to get a latte (my drink of choice at the time).

Well when I was in Glenwood this year I decided to stop in for old times sake.

The shop is fairly the same, however, things about it are just different these days. It has kind of lost it's appeal to me, and feels more corporate than ever.

I remember when I first went I got an amazing brand muffin with chai flavored topping. It was so delicious, and I will probably never forget it.

This time around I was in need of some iced coffee and snack, so I decided to give the shop one last chance.

I was fairly dissapointed. The iced coffee was weak, and the pop over had icing on it (the ones I was looking at didn't have it on them). I didn't finish the iced coffee, and picked at the pop over. The rest of the week I went to Bluebird Cafe and I don't think I will ever look back. Sorry, Sacred Grounds.

Has a favorite coffee shop of yours totally changed and you just can't stand to go there anymore?


  1. The coffee shop where I worked when I was in college used to be my favorite place in town. It had great atmosphere and the coffee was awesome. It still has good coffee, but it's just completely different now. It kind of breaks my heart to go there. It's sad when that happens!

  2. there was a coffee shop right below my high school that me and my friends basically lived in. during our senior year, owners changed, and it hasn't been the same since. the food is still pretty good, but the coffee has gone downhill while the prices have skyrocketed. i hate that it happened, but i've found another good place!

  3. We have a fun coffee shop near us, but I'm not a big coffee fan and that's more or less all they have.

    Sorry Scott is leaving, hope you get to see him again soon!

  4. Things are always changing. I know how you feel about places like that. Is it ironic that it is named Sacred Gorunds? Haha.
    the oBITCHuaries

  5. I wish I had more coffee shops in town, but i used to go to Starbucks all the time while I was in HS...now, I rarely go there. I went with my brother for the first time in 2 years last week.

    If anything I go to a small coffee shop in my neighborhood and I enjoy it so much more there.

  6. I used to go to a little coffee shop in Scotland called Books & Beans which was a book/coffee shop and had the best atmosphere (it was not part of a chain). If I get back to that area I will be running in for a soy tea and memories!

    BTW I am new but already love your blog!

  7. That is such a bummer! When things go corporate (especially coffee shops), it's usually bad news bears. I used to work at a little locally owned coffee shop in my hometown where everyone was friendly and we roasted our own coffee. It was delicious and I was in love with it! Now, they've just given up on it since a Starbucks was put in right down the street. They no longer roast their own coffee and the food is all bland. It's so sad!