July 1, 2011

The Shine Project: Change for Change

Have you guys heard of The Shine Project? The Phoenix based blog/project is run by Ashley LeMieux and focuses on daily motivation, and also the importance of reaching out to the community and helping others. Today Ashley debuted this really amazing video that she created to help showcase what she and her blog are all about.

Recently, Ashley told me about this awesome project she is started to raise money for The Shine Project Scholarship Fund, which will give scholarships to inner city school students to help create a positive impact on their lives.

So starting today Ashley is asking everyone to pitch their left-over change into a jar for the next three months, and when October 1st rolls around you can donate your extra change to the scholarship fund. Check out Ashley's blog for more details!

Also, Ashley made these really awesome change labels that you can save and print out and put on your change jars! Such a sweet touch, and a great remembrance tool to use to reminder yourself to pitch your change in their every day.

In October Ashley will be hosting a silent auction in the Phoenix Metropolitan area that will benefit the scholarship! Details are still being figuring out, but if you're local and interested in attending, get in touch with Ashley and I am sure she can give you more information on the whole event. Also, If anyone is interested in donating an item to the silent auction, I am sure The Shine Project would appreciate it so much! Your donation would be for a great cause!

I truly believe this is such a great cause and I hope everyone will join in on saving their change and donating it to the scholarship fund!

-Chelsea XO

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  1. That's amazing Ashley is doing all of that! I wish I could help but I don't know how I would be able to when I live on the East Coast. : /