July 28, 2011

Telluride Farmer's Market

It's no secret, Scott and I are big farmer's market lovers and always take any chance we get to check out one. Well, when we pulled into Telluride for our day adventure the first thing we spotted was a sign stated that today was the town's farmer's market! So we found a parking spot on the side of street quickly, and made our way down to one of the most amazing farmer's markets we had ever been to.

The market was four or five blocks long, and all the way down there was booth after booth filled with homemade treats, fresh produce, delicious lunch choices, fresh flowers and handmade goods.

Since it was lunch time, food and a cold drink were definitely on our mind. We walked down the whole market before deciding on what we wanted to get. We ended up getting two different kinds of lemonade, mint and berry, as well as the most amazing fresh veggie burro for me, and grilled veggie burro for Scott.

The line for our drinks and lunches were super long, so it took us awhile to get our food, but the wait was definitely worth it.

It didn't take long for Scott and I to finish up our lunches, but while we ate we took in the sights of our beautiful surroundings. The mountain sitting in front of us was absolutely breathtaking, and all the kids running around, dogs playing fetch, and people enjoying a nice afternoon in the park around us made for the perfect atmosphere. If we didn't have more places to explore I could have stayed there all day.

See the ski lift going up the side of the mountain? I bet that is such a pretty ride in the winter!

Since our lunch wouldn't have been completely without dessert, we got freshly made donuts with powdered sugar. I am a huge donut fan, and these little o's were exceptional. I could have eaten an entire bag all by myself!

After lunch we went on a little walk along a nearby river. The water was crystal clear and freezing.

The surrounding scenery was so gorgeous. I felt like I was in a dream, wandering around in an enchanted forrest just waiting for something magical to happen.

This is one of the most beautiful places I have seen all summer.

We stopped on a cute bridge to take in the scenery before we headed into town to explore all of the local shops. If our afternoon adventure had ended right here I would have completely content. I had such an amazing time looking through the farmer's market, eating delicious food, and going on the prettiest walk with my love.

Soon after this photo was taken a large, yellow labrador got out of the river below us that it had been swimming in, walked onto the bridge, and shook out his fur as hard as he could. Scott and I were covered in spots of water from head to toe once he was done. It was just the funniest thing!

Do you ever go on nature walks?
-Chelsea XO


  1. Farmer's Markets are the best! We have one every Saturday in my hometown - I love it! The views are breathtaking. I do love going on nature walks. They are so calming and peaceful. It really makes you take a step back. I love that last photo of you two! So cute! You should definitely get it framed!

  2. you two are sooo cute and i do love me some farmers market too! fresh yummy food can't really go wrong :)


  3. I make an effort to hit up our farmers market every saturday....although i wish it was tellurides :)
    the scenery is much more beautiful!!

  4. That farmer's market sounds great! So huge too! :) the food looked great!

    And I live for nature walks and runs :) <3 it's really my happiness part of summer.

    P.S. - too funny about the lab! I love how little things like that surprise you out of nowhere! haha!

  5. what a lovely blog! I'm in love.

    farmers markets are ace. and your lunches have made me hungry.



  6. love your posts lady, you guys always have the cutest dates, you really seem like you're perfect for eachother :)

  7. oh my, that picture of you two is the seriously the cutest picture of any couple I've seen in a long time! you two look so in love.
    what a beautiful place as well, awesome to support farmers markets and wow, the most beautiful scenery right there.. sounds like an incredible day! fun shirt too, love the colors : )