August 29, 2011

Antique Party

Scott and I are big fan of antiquing and searching for treasures. So when Scott told me about an email he received inviting us to a party at a local antique store, we knew exactly how we were going to be spending our Friday night.

Going to a party at an antique store sounds a bit geeky I think, but geeky in the best way! There was cake, party punch, and a raffle to win a gift certificate to the antique store!

Scott and I spent an hour and a half or so wondering around the antique store, eating cake, sipping the yummiest punch, and checking out every little booth. When I go antiquing I always keep my eye out for the same things: old cameras, pyrex dishes, a plaid set of dishes that my great grandmother had, pretty clothes, and old jewelry.

Scott's list is sort of the same (except for the girly things), but he also keeps an eye out for furniture, and odds and ends that could be used to make something new.

These glass heads were so neat! Definitely one of my favorite things that I spotted that night.

I really adore this lace vest I wore to the party. Scott picked it out for me over the summer while I was away. He really has such good taste! I can't wait to style it up again!

We really had a great time exploring all the little nooks and crannies in the antique store for the evening, and although we didn't walk away with anything that evening, we still had a great time checking out all of the treasures in the store.

Did I mention that Scott really likes vintage, metal staplers? Well, he does, and when we found this little stash of them hidden on a shelf, Scott sure was thrilled.

The day after the party Scott got a phone call saying that he had won a $25 gift card to the store, and could come pick it up whenever he had time. We were so excited for him and could only wait until the next day to come and pick out a few treasures to take home!

Outfit details:
Lace vest: gift from my love
Vneck: Target
Skirt: Anthropologie // gift from Courtney
Bag: Fossil
Sandals: Saltwater Sandals

Plaid button-up: Levi's
Shorts: Levi's
Shoes: New Balance

Have you ever attended a party at an antique store? When you go out antiquing/thrifting, what do you look for?
-Chelsea XO


  1. You looked so lovely!
    He really did a great job on the vest. : )

    Every month in my hometown they would have First Friday Art Walk.
    And most of the downtown shops would participate.
    There's this one really great antique store called Annie Laurie's, and she always provides snack, drinks, food.
    And the store is huge so you can spend hours there. It's really neat!

  2. What a fun little trip! I'm loving your lace vest!

  3. That's my dream date Friday night. Wish the hubby shared the same interest, though he adores books, he's not much for antiquing in general. You looked lovely as always, that vest is a great piece.

  4. vintage metal staplers are awesome! i am on the hunt for some old pyrex lately- its so great to photograph food in!


  5. You both look adorable, what a stylish couple! I think antiquing sounds like a wonderful Friday night, looks like lots of fun, not nerdy at all! And certainly beat my Friday night of going over paperwork & budgeting haha. Right now the top thing I'm looking for are cast iron stoves! Trying to get away from using anything chemical coated.

  6. Ah an antique store party sounds like just my kind of thing!! How fun! What did you end up getting with the gift certificate?

  7. oh my gosh i need that vest like yesterday!!!

    So glad I found your blog! Come check out mine!

    Jessica Kane - Plus Size Fashion Expert

  8. You look adorable as always! Sounds like such a fun time :)

  9. I looove that skirt. You two are so cute, as always.

  10. treasure hunting is always a fun date! i'm glad you two had fun. your vest is so darling!

  11. love the outfit!! and of course, you and scott, always too cute for words!

  12. I LOVE the colour combo in this outfit - so so perfect and pretty.

  13. You two are so cute. : )

    The vest is so perfect and I love the plum and mustard combo.



  14. I really enjoy that lace vest. It's just so unique and beautiful. And that skirt color is gorgeous as well.

    Cute post all around!