August 31, 2011

August Monsoon

Lately the temperatures have been almost unbearable. 116 and 117 during the day, and nothing below 90 or high during the night. Every once and awhile, though, the clouds darken, the wind picks up, and rain comes down from the sky to cool down my big city. I'm always thankful when monsoon roles around, as I don't think I could survive without a little break from the sweltering heat.

For the past few days I've been sticking to light layers, and a practically no-make routine. I burn pretty easily in the sun, so I always wear sunscreen, but lately I've been staying away fro mascara and face make-up. Some days it's just nice to go make-up free and give my skin a little breather.

My sweet sponsor Threadcase sent me this pretty dress. I really love the stripes, and the breeziness of fabric. I had fun twirling around in the monsoon winds we were having, and felt very feminine and pretty. I just love how clothes can affect your mood. If I'm ever feeling crummy I love to put on something pretty and get an iced coffee. Almost always my mood instantly improves. The power of darling clothes and iced coffee is truly amazing!

During this holiday weekend I am escaping to norther Arizona to visit my parents. I'm hoping to go on a mini-adventure through a nearby forrest! The weather up there is definitely much cooler, so I'm hoping to get some fall outfits in! Sweaters, tights, boots! ECK! I can't wait!

Outfit details:
Cute All Over Dress: c/o Threadcase
Flats: Born

How do you stay cool in the hot, hot heat? Do you have any plans for the holiday weekend?
-Chelsea XO


  1. I love the dress! The collar on it adds a really special touch.

    I'm so excited for fall as well! Today where I live it's in the mid 70s so I'm seeing if I can get away with wearing a cardigan!


  2. I love the dress, striped I think even I could pull off!!

  3. SUCH a cute dress! I'm a sucker for stripes!

    You're lucky you have occasional rain. We just get unbearable 116 heat with no relief. Ugh.

  4. how about i just realized it was a holiday weekend? when i was growing up in south jersey, we always knew labor day was coming- it loomed like a dark cloud at the end of our august. my summer has been a little weird (and very dark) so i completely forgot about this summer milestone. no plans, just relaxing and playing around!


  5. I adore your dress. It's very sweet and looks comfy yet put together.

    Can't wait to get away to TN for a long lake weekend w/ the family..sippin cold drinks to keep cool.

  6. oh man 116! that is not right!!! but at least you look AMAZING!!! i love love that dress!

  7. You look great with no makeup on, you have beautiful skin! Adorable dress & love seeing some dark clouds in the sky as well, although I sadly missed this. My trick for the heat is... dump water on yourself! haha that is what I did a few times yesterday while biking in the 116 degree heat.

  8. Those clouds are super dramatic...and you look gorgeous, as always :)

  9. What a pretty dress! Love the stripes.