August 24, 2011

Bohemian Downtown

This past weekend Scott and I spent a fun evening in downtown and midtown Phoenix. Our first stop was in downtown around my old stomping grounds (well, I only graduate a few months ago, so I guess they're not that old). I wore one of my favorite new dresses from my lovely sponsor Bohemian Backbone because I thought it wold be perfect for the warm evening we were about to have (veggie dogs in one of my favorite parking lots for the win!).

Growing up I always felt this this closeness and love for boho style. For awhile I thought I was a surfer and loved anything boho/beachy related, and even though I grew out of that phase, I still love the boho style. To me, this peasant like dress really screams boho, and I just love that it's light and airy, and was perfect for our evening outdoors. I already can't wait to dress it up for fall, though! I'm thinking my favorite pair of maroon tights from We Love Colors, my Bicker Booties from Blowfish Shoes, and an oversized cardigan would love SO cute with this dress! I can't for the weather to cool down so I can try this style out!

Since I got home Scott has been such a good sport about letting me take his photos and being involved everything blogging (he attended an event with me recently and was the only guy there, all of the girls gave him major props for coming and taking our photos). I just love him so much!

This week has been overall pretty good. I'm finally getting settled into my new grad school classes, and still trying to figure out exactly how Scott and I's new schedules work. I've been hopping around coffee shop, to coffee shop trying to figure out the perfect one that will allow me to focus on my studies best. I always get really distracted at home, so going out and having a coffee or tea and working on my school work is really great.

I'm also really excited this week because my bestie Courtney and I are going to start attending a yoga class together! I've been talking about starting yoga for ages now, and although I've taken a few classes, those studios/instructors never really worked out for me. This time around I'm hoping for a great experience that will allow me to calm my mind, body, and soul, and to also spend some quality time with Courtney. We're actually still trying to decide on which studio to try out, so if you know of any good ones in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, send them our way! Thank you in advance! XO

Is it bad that these haven't left my feet in about two weeks? I pretty much wear the all time! I love the color, and since the temperatures here in Phoenix have been around the 110's to 115's, sandals seem almost mandatory! I kind of want another color! Maybe red?

After we took photos Scott might have caught me taking photos and Instagramming them! What can i say, I'm obsessed! Username: Chelseabirdd

See the little birdies on the wire in the window? I would sure love this piece for my future home! It's SO darling! I just love Phoenix artists!

Outfit details:
J typewriter necklace: Fancy Tiger in Denver
Sandals: Salt Water Sandals

T-shirt: Levi's
Necklace: gift from Dolly and Boy Jewelry
Jeans: Levi's
Shoes: Tom's, won from Frances Vintage

How has your week been so far?
-Chelsea XO


  1. That's so sweet that he lets you take his picture! Love that he went to the blogging event with you too. Mad props!


  2. I love your sandals :) I live in Mesa and I totally know what you mean by sandals being mandatory...I can't wait for it to start cooling off!

  3. You look beautiful Chelsea!! I love your dress! I'm doing the same thing right now, getting into a new routine for school. Hopefully it will come together soon. Have a great day! (see you on Instagram!) :)

  4. pretty pretty :) major kudos for scott! such a sweet boyfriend.

  5. I like the Bohemian Look - I may even try to pull it off myself - you inspired me! - Kathy Cabrera

  6. aww such a cute couple! lovely dress, hun!


  7. LOVE the dress, you look so perfect in it, I can't wait to see how you remix it in the fall!

    Lauren @ See Parrot

  8. I am loving this dress on you! And YES! I can't WAIT to see you style this in the fall =D

    Bohemian Backbone