August 3, 2011

Crested Butte Adventures

While in Colorado still I made a trip up to Crested Butte with my parents to look around. The town itself is small, but it's full of color and very lively. Here's a peek at my afternoon there:

Checking out a local boutique.

The prettiest hanging flowers I ever did see.

The colors of these buildings are amazing!

The most amazing vintage Schwinn.

The neatest seat for two!

The best restaurant in town! Their pita wraps are amazing! Oh, and they serve all of their drinks in mason jars!

The cutest pillow.

I wish I could have taken these home with me!

The craziest bikes I've ever seen. Protection from bugs and snow, perhaps?

Wish I could have stopped in for a session.

Pretty, pretty.

Pretty old buildings.

The river going through town is probably my most favorite thing of all. It's such a beautiful town, and I was happy to be able to spend some time there this summer.

Do you have a favorite town you visit every summer?
-Chelsea XO


  1. Hooray for Crested Butte! We lived in Gunnison for 8 years. CB is such a wonderful place :)

  2. Your photos make me miss Colorado so much!! My family used to vacation in Buena Vista every late summer/early fall. Those were magical times, awing at the snow-capped mountains, riding horses, panning for gold, and white-water rafting.

  3. wow those bikes are crazy looking but i gotta say sometimes when riding i would love to have a bug defense!


  4. Um I NEED ampersand pillows, they are too cute! (Especially since I will heavily be focusing on ampersand-related things for my wedding.)

  5. I just try to make it home to spend time with family every summer. :)

    I love the yoga studio picture, especially the little prayer flags around the porch. I really enjoy dropping into different yoga studios, to get a feel for many different teachers and their style. I'd like to try it more!


  6. Just found your blog. I grew up in AZ as well. I'd do anything to go back. The heat isn't so bad. At least it's not humid!

  7. wow this town looks incredible! You are so lucky to have spent a summer exploring all these adorable places! Thanks for sharing your pictures, they are all great but I always have a soft spot for flowers! The seat makes me laugh, it's like parents would get it so their teens can't get too cuddly!