August 18, 2011

Gilbert Coffee Date

Even though the highs in Phoenix are hovering around 108 this week, fall is completely on my mind. I'm so ready to give up summer and live in a fall state-of-mind. The other evening Scott and I headed to Liberty Market for some coffee and treats with a few of our sweet friends, so I felt like getting a little dressed up in some of my soon-to-be fall favorites.

To be honest, I felt really great in this outfit. I always feel that I dress the best for myself in the fall, and I think this outfit is just the start of a great fall outfit season. I felt so like myself in this lacey, oversized blouse from Shop Kempt, Levi's skinny jeans, and my new Bicker Booties from Blowfish Shoes.

I'm only a little obsessed with the detail in this blouse. The lace collar is gorgeous, and the lace tucked away in the sleeves is like an extra surprise when you button them up.

I'm also completely obsessed with my these pretty booties. I'm a total boot/fall shoe person, and could wear these wedges all day love. I love the color of them, the wooden like wedge, and all of the buckles on the side. Ever since I got home I've been seeing buckles every where! I feel that they are going to be huge for fall!

This past week I've really enjoyed going on lots of fun adventures, meeting up with sweet friends, and chowing down on delicious coffee and food that you can only find in Phoenix. As of this week I am also officially a grad school student! I'm all kinds of nervous, but I really feel that I'm in the right place and choose the right field to study in (Communication Studies). Here's to hoping I have a great semester and really love this program!

Scott also went back to school this week! My love is a design student and I am so proud of him! I just know he's going to do great this year! I see many, many coffee shop homework dates in our near future!

Outfit details:
Skinnies: Levis's

Are you going back to school this year? What did you get your degree in?
-Chelsea XO


  1. oh my GOODNESS!!! that blouse is absolute PERFECTION....seriously. so pretty!!

    also, i feel that i dress myself best in fall and feel most confident in fall clothes too. i just want it to come now!! it's still so hot in ontario!

  2. Good luck this year! I'm an undergrad senior and I've been researching good graduate programs for English composition...congratulations on finding something that fits your goals!

  3. I'm totally with you. I'm so ready for Fall isn't not even funny. These above 100 degree temperatures are too much!

    That blouse is so pretty on you, though! I love the lace detailing! And those boots...perfect!

  4. I'm ready for Autumn too! It's my favorite season.

    I have my degree in graphic design. I work for a publishing company though as a reprint technician. I hope to get back in to creative design.

  5. YES!!! I am SO eagerly awaiting Autumn. It's been hitting a high of 102-108 here in Utah this week. *groan*

    You look SO cute. I adore that blouse. The lace is such a sweet bonus!!!

    I've never been a college person. I'm a self taught artist and that is what I'm sticking with. :P However, I do love love love learning!

  6. love that oversize blouse and of course in LOVE with those bicker shoes! you look amazing, friend.

  7. Chelsea you always look so sweet and lovely. I am in love with those shoes. Have a great week.

  8. I'm a new follower and I am loving this post! I too adore Fall dressing. Please stop by my blog too :)

  9. That blouse is beyoonnddd amazing... seriously. And it looks great with the jeans and boots! Sea Marie

  10. I love the design of your top <3

  11. You look beautiful, as always!