August 2, 2011

Home On My Mind

Fall is on my mind and I'm not given it up! Although, when I get home to Phoenix and it's 110 I might temporarily, but only with regards to the clothes I'm wearing. I already know the heat is going to be a shock for me for a few day (always is), but once I get back into my normal routine it will feel like I never left. I seriously love that feeling!

All last week and this week I've been dreaming up of what I want to do once I get to Phoenix. Being gone away from your home for two plus months can really screw with you, but it always really makes me appreciate even more what I've had to live without while I've been away.

I'm most looking forward to spending time with my family members and dearest friends. I can't wait to see my love, my 83-year-old grandmother, my sweet cousins Odessa and Tony, and my lovely friend Courtney. I've missed them all so much!

It may sound silly, but I'm so excited to be a regular at my local Coffee Bean again. The whole staff knows Scott and I, and always greats us with the sweetest faces and kindest words when we walk in. I'm SO ready for my Coffee Bean iced coffee!

Come this day next week I'll be packing up my things and heading off to the airport in Salt Lake City. It's literally all I can think! Oh my! I sort of feel like I'm in a "ready to go home" daze, and I'm pretty sure iced coffee is going to be the only thing to semi knock me out of it. Thank goodness there is a Starbucks in this windy Wyoming town!

Outfit details:
Ruffle blouse: Levi's / Gift from my love
Jeans: Levi's
Purse: Fossil
Oxfords: Wanted

What are you up to today? What are you most excited to do this fall?
-Chelsea XO


  1. Coming home is always lovely! We've been enjoying our time in NJ, beating the TX heat :)

  2. Even with the insane heat (especially in Phoenix!) there's really no place like home :)

  3. I can't wait to wear jeans again! Fall is my favorite fashion season. Of course in AZ in doesn't start until November! Your outfit is adorable. Oxfords are going to be my fall shoe purchase this year.

  4. i am so jealous that you can wear a long sleeved top and jeans - i can't wait till it cools off here! love that bag, too!

  5. I adore that top, the neckline is so pretty, and it has such a sweet and lovely vintage aesthetic to it. AND your bag is gorgeous, loving the colour. As for home? There is definitley nothing like it. xx veronika

  6. I can't wait for harvest-y decorations, fall leaves, hot drinks, panchos, long-sleeved shirts, mornings with a little bite in the air...pretty much everything ever associated with autumn ever .

  7. Super cute bag. I am loving the color. It looks kind of like a call to fall outfit which let me tell you I am ready for. I am sick to danm death of all this stupid heat.

  8. Your shirt is gorgeous! The neckline is so sweet!
    And the color of your bag is perfect.
    I couldn't be more excited for fall. It's definitely my favorite season. The Autumn colors are the absolute best, and I won't complain about the cooler temperatures.

  9. This is a very sweet little outfit. I'm especially fond of your hair in this post - I love when you wear it up in a twisted bun.

    I'm the most excited for the month of October. When cooler weather creeps in, and I can look forward to hot coffees again! I'm also really anticipating a trip to Destin to see Harbor's family. They've been telling me for months now just how wonderful it is to take the boat out on the gulf when it's not super hot. I can't wait!