August 4, 2011

Late Summer's Eve

As the curtain is falling down over summer I've been looking back at all of the adventures I've had. I visited many, many towns, and have gone through three states over the last two and a half months. So much traveling has left me yearning for home and a daily schedule. I can't wait to put my planner back into action every day.

Being back home means lots of stops at my favorite coffee shops, time spent holding hands with my honey, and driving around in my little zoom-zoom car. I just know this fall is going to be amazing, and I already can't wait! Would it be appropriate to start my pumpkin spice celebration now? Why oh, why must those precious drinks not come out until September?!

I'm down to five days until I step onto that plane in Salt Lake, and off the plane in Phoenix. Flying is something that I've done my whole life, and is something I look forward to. I love getting onto that plane with my ipod, bags, and coffee in hand, and sitting down in my window sitting ready for take-off and my view of the below land. It's sort of therapeutic, and something I will never take for granted.

Today packing and lots of iced coffee is on my mind. I have a few things I need to accomplish before Tuesday, but I am sure I will be able to get them done. That is, if I can walk away from all the lovely blogs I've been catching up on this afternoon!

Outfit details:
Blouse: Levi's
Jeans: Levi's
Watch: Fossil
Purse: Coach
Sandals: Sofft

What is your favorite memory from this summer?
-Chelsea XO


  1. i love your hair up like this - and yes coffee is always on my mind, iced or not!

    hope you get everything done that you need to, friend!

  2. i'm absolutely with you, traveling is so much fun but there's just something about home. i love your hair up so much. it puts all the attention on your pretty face :)

  3. Oh my you just reminded me of pumpkin spice. Can't wait until fall!

    I love that blouse. Just found your blog! Excited to read more :)

  4. I would say my favorite memory this Summer has been BBQs in the backyard and yard sales. ♥ I wish wish wish you were closer in Utah, though the SLC is uber close! I wish we could meet up. :)

    You have a lovely flight!


  5. Not too much longer! I love your hair up like this - you are gorgeous! hope you have a wonderful weekend, and accomplish everything you want!

  6. Hi Chelsea! My favorite part of flying is watching take-off from my window seat :) I liked your Perfect Food Day in Chow Bella, good picks! I work at Cibo and we all appreciated your shout out! Welcome back to the valley in a few days!

  7. i totally love your hair like this. so pretty.

  8. I LOVE the lighting in this post Chelsea!<3

  9. You look lovely with your hair like this Chelsea! And wow, look at all that grass, tress and.. pants and long sleeves, enjoy that while you can! I know I keep repeating things about the heat here haha but it is intense! I always love getting on planes myself, since it either means something good is about to happen, a trip, etc, or it's ending and a new adventure/cycle is about to begin!

  10. I agree. I love your hair like this. Is your hair naturally that light?

  11. You're hair looks so beautiful up! Such a cute outfit. LOVE

    <3 Deanna

  12. I love what you do with your hair! How do you do that?x