August 20, 2011

Phoenix Mini Meet-Up

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting up with my BFF Courtney, of Phoenix is Haute, and also with Alex of Ave Styles at Lola Coffee in downtown Phoenix. Alex and I had been planning to meet-up since right after I left for Colorado, so finally getting to meet her for the first time was definitely a treat. She's a sweet lady with an amazing style, and is all about sharing and building an amazing fashion and style community in Phoenix.

Courtney and Alex had been meaning to meet-up for awhile now as well, so it worked out perfectly that she had the morning off and could come chat with us. We all had a great talk about Phoenix fashion, as well as the fashion communities that we are surrounded by, and also about blogs and blogging (which is always so neat to do in person with other people that get what you're really talking about).

Scott came along as well and snapped a few pictures during our chat. We all had really good coffee, and Scott, Alex, and I all had a piece of the most amazing quiche. It was such a good morning!

What was playing on the record player.

It was honestly such a treat to have such a lovely meet-up which such amazing ladies! We already have another meet-up planned, and I can't wait to chat with them again and plan some amazing things for the coming months!

If you don't already follow Alex or Courtney, you should definitely check out their blogs! They are some of the sweetest ladies in Phoenix!

Have you had any blogger meet-ups lately? Don't you love chatting with others that really get blogging?
-Chelsea XO


  1. Loved this meetup and love this post! So sneaky of you Mr. Tea Talk!! ;) haha xoxoxo can't wait to do it again!!

  2. looks like a fun meet-up!!! you all are so cute. :)

  3. looks like so much fun!
    all of you looked absolutely beautiful. : )

  4. Aw this looks so fun!! What is up with SoCal not having any meetups??