August 21, 2011

Treats At Liberty Market

Last week Scott and I headed to Liberty Market to meet-up with the very sweet Chanelle, and her now husband Gabe (They got married on Friday and I am SO extremely happy for them! They are the sweetest couple and deserve the best life together!). Before they got to Liberty, Scott and I decided to share a yummy cappuccino and a pecan bar.

Even though I am a HUGE iced coffee fan, I absolutely LOVE a good cappuccino. I could drink those every day, and this one was super delicious.

For quite some time now I've been wanting to try this scrumptious looking pecan bar, so we splurged and got it. It was definitely worth it, and the next time we go to Liberty I might have to get one again. It was SO good!

After Chanelle, Gabe, and one of their roommates got to Liberty, Scott and I got another cappuccino, and also a granola bar (that was SO good as well!). We had a lovely time chatting and I can't wait to see the happy couple again sometime soon!

What is your favorite coffee drink? Dessert?
-Chelsea XO


  1. after reading your blog you have got me hooked on iced coffee :) Yumm

  2. I am a fan of both iced and warm coffee. I get cravings for one or the other in spurts. Like right now, I am wholly addicted to a nice cup of warm, fresh brewed coffee with sugar and a yummy creamer. (Going with Starbucks Sumatra coffee blend!) But before that, I was all about whipping up an icy frappe!

    I just got iced coffee single serve packets in mocha from North Sea and I'm lovin' them too! GREAT in the morning when it's uber hot!

  3. I'm an iced coffee addict as well. Half and half with sweetner, please!

  4. That pecan bar... I'm drooling. Seriously.

  5. That cappucino looks delicious. I'm a fan of them myself. My favorite iced drink is a caramel macchiato. Come to think of it, it's my favorite hot drink, too. :)