August 19, 2011

Urban Cookies V 4.0

Even before I got back home I knew that stopping at Urban Cookies was high on my priority list of things to do. Recently, Ollie Cake, which is one in the same with Urban Cookies, won a Cupcake Wars competition on The Food Network. I was SO excited when I heard they were going to be on the show. I watched and was SO proud when I heard that they had won the competition! It's such a huge deal, and I just knew Scott and I had to go down and congratulate them in person!

This pretty new Ollie Cake sign is a new addition to the shop since I've been gone. It's so darling!

Scott was so ready to go in and try out some cupcakes that he just couldn't wait for me to get done taking photos, or maybe it was 108 outside and he just needed to go inside! Once I got inside I found the shop to be filled with all kinds of delicious cupcakes and cookies. It was SO hard to pick just one treat, but since they had one of their winning cupcakes for sale (peach corn cake, oh my!) Scott and I had to get that one. Did I mention how packed the shop was as well? I've never seen that many people in there at once! It made my heart swell to see all of these people coming out to support!

Oh my, these cupcakes had a delicious fruit topping, amazing frosting, and a yummy taragon shortcake on top! WOW! Best cupcake of my life!

Scott and I also may have gotten a cookie to share. They had my favorite dark chocolate and walnut cookie, so I really couldn't pass it up! It was just as delicious as the cupcakes! I swear, they really can't make a bad treat there!

Scott and I both really enjoyed our afternoon treat date to Urban Cookies, and will definitely being going back soon! Right now they have the famous campfire cupcake, that they won with as well, in the shop right now! It's a cupcake baked in an orange! How amazing does that sound? I can't wait to try it!

Man, it's SO good to be home! I missed all of my favorite treat spots!

Have you ever been to Urban Cookies before? Did you see them win on Cupcake Wars?
-Chelsea XO


  1. I wished we had urban cookie here in London! Looks so yummy! :-)

  2. aww, you look adorable! Love what you're wearing, and those cupcakes look fantastic, hmm, fruit topping & yummy frosting -sounds blissful! Happy Friday/weekend. xo veronika

  3. What a cute place! And now I am hongry. : )

    You look adorable.



  4. yum! i could use a cupcake!! this place looks delightful. hope you have a fantastic weekend, chelsea!

  5. Aaah all of this looks amazing & you look adorable as always (Although i'd love to see a bigger pic of your outfit : )! I loved your comment "or maybe it was 108 out"- def always the case, we're like crazy people running inside all the time in this heat!
    Hope your first days of grad school are going great too, I kept seeing ASU students all around & thought of you yesterday : )

  6. That campfire cupcake sounds reaaaally interesting!! Sea Marie

  7. you guys go on the sweetest dates! can i come hangout with you?!