August 11, 2011

A Utah Backtrack

Event though I'm back home in Arizona I still have a few Utah/Wyoming posts left to share with you. While I was still in Utah it was overcast and a bit chilly. I was feeling adventurous and decided to pair some shorts and a warm cardigan together. Shorts are pretty much out of my comfort zone (my elementary school didn't allow shorts and it kind of ruined my liking for them), but I figured if I styled them with something I am completely comfortable with than I would be ok.

Fall was definitely in the air this day. Now that I'm back home the reality that fall weather isn't going to be here until at least the very end of October has hit me. That doesn't mean that I'm not going to celebrate it though, in fact, I feel like fall starts right now when school begins! New beginnings, new school clothes (yes, I am in grad school and still love new school clothes), and the thought that pumpkin spice lattes are less than a month away.

Recently I received the most amazing eco-friendly clutch and mini pouch from my sponsor Edit Bags (along with the warmest pair of mittens I've ever owned). The bag is made out of a recycled leather jacket, along with the most amazing vintage fabric. It's super soft to the touch, and is the perfect fall accessory. Early this year I started getting more into carrying clutches, so I'm very excited to be adding this one to my collection.

The mini pouch is honestly SO cute! The floral fabric matches the inside of the clutch! I love that!

Edit Bags has such a lovely shop and so many cute, eco-friendly clutches and pouches. If you're in need of a new pencil/coin/everything pouch for school, Edit Bags is definitely the place to go! This fancy floral one is my current favorite in the shop! Will someone please buy it before I do!

Today I'm spending time at my favorite local Coffee Bean working on blog stuff while my love sits besides me. Tonight we're going to see The Decemberists at the Mesa Arts Center! We're so excited!

Outfit details:
Cardigan: Gap
Blouse: Target
Shorts: Hurley
Clutch: c/o Edit Bags
Boat shoes: Sperry's

What is everyone up to today?
-Chelsea XO


  1. i love the green, black brown combo. you look wonderful! i really enjoy your hair too, makes me want to dye mine!

  2. I love the Decemberists! Lucky girl. Tonight the art museum opens their rooftop and has a live band and bar. I think that's what I'm doing tonight. :) exciting!

  3. Cute cute. Hope you can get into wearing shorts. :)

    It is sad to think that it won't really feel like fall where I live for a VERY long time, too. *sigh* But I make frequent trips to San Diego, so hopefully it'll feel like fall there. Or the San Diego version of it at least.

    Very jealous you're going to see The Decemberists. I LOVE them!

  4. oh wow - love that second photo of you. beautiful! and such a cute clutch!!

  5. I still love that you were in my home state! ♥ CUTE outfit. I also feel awkward in shorts!!! Dunno why. I wanted to wear them more this Summer, but I have my eyes more on new pretty Autumn apparel!

  6. Love the shorts and the clutch! Hope you had a wonderful time in Utah; if you have ever in SLC, we need to meet up. : )



  7. That clutch is just beautiful! I have been thinking of getting one lately (my purse just seems a little bit too big)... but I wonder if I would miss not having shoulder straps. Hmmm :o)