September 8, 2011

Forgotten Train Tracks

So since the temperatures are still not cooperating, I'm just going to dress in fall colors and pretend I live in New England where I'm sure the weather is crisp and the fall nostalgia that comes along with September and November is in the air.

To be honest, I always felt like I would do well as a New Englander, maybe it's just because of the amazing fall weather that I hear so much about, or all of these basement shows I missed out as a teenager (ya know, because it would have been amazing to see Brand New in their heyday).

But alas, I'm a born and raised West coast girl (Southwest if we're getting specific) and basement shows and cool weather are few and far between here (well, at least until winter comes with regards to weather, and we do have The Nile Basement back in action nowadays).

My sweet sponsor Lulu's sent me this pretty zig zag top. The heavy material makes it perfect for layering in fall and winter, but with the never ending heat spell we are having, it was perfect to wear with a cami and my Seychelle booties that I have been waiting all summer to wear. Did I mention the colors in the top just scream fall to me? Remember what I said about dressing the fall part? Well, here is my first attempt!

The week is already almost over and I still have so much to do! Everything that I ever heard about Grad school is true! Reading will rule your life and coffee will be your only beverage of choice (ok, I already had that one down, but still).

Jeans: Levi's
Belt: Levi's
Seychelle Hawkeye Booties: Amazon

I'm really excited for yoga with Courtney, and a coffee date/blogger meet-up with Brandi this weekend. What are you excited for?
-Chelsea XO


  1. Love your shirt and those shoes. That last photo is especially beautiful. Something about the lighting and the moon in the sky makes it feel very "Arizona" to me.

  2. Those booties are TO DIE FOR! Just gorgeous. And, even though I am an East Coast girl born & bred (New York City to be specific) I also missed out on seeing Brand New in their heyday. Sigh. Still makes me sad to think about that!

  3. I'm excited for our date too! Can't wait until Friday!!

  4. lol i used to hang out in a basement in new jersey called the "rat hole". actually there were no basements since we lived on a little island, it might have been a garage below someone's house. never thought it was a covetable experience, lol.


  5. I love this top! I'm glad the temperatures are getting slightly colder. I'm such a long sleeve kind of gal! Hope you finish your reading. Sometimes reading assignments seem never-ending. I think the worst part is when you read something three times and realize you still have no idea what you read!

  6. oh my goodness - those are a ridiculously sweet pair of shoes! i also am in love with the print of that top!!

  7. Fall in New England in my mind is better than fall anywhere else...but WINTER here makes me want to hibernate for a million years. I might give up the pretty fall for a warmer winter.

    You look gorgeous as always :)

  8. You are perfection in this outfit! Absolutely gorgeous :) Fall suits you perfectly! I'm excited for fall too - I've never felt super confident in dressing for fall, so this year I'm determined to do it right.