September 2, 2011

Mesa Afternoon

Have I ever mentioned how thoughtful Scott is, well, he is incredibly thoughtful and is always thinking of me, even when he's out shopping! Over the summer while I was nowhere near my favorite Levi's store he went looking through the stores to see if he could find himself and I any great deals. Well, on one particular day (he did this a few times this summer), he left with the most darling summer dress for myself.

This sweet little chambray number has been perfect for the hot, hot days we've been having around here. I love the detail in the top, and the little tie around the waist. It's going to be the perfect dress to style up for fall. I'm already thinking some warm colored tights, these darling Blowfish boots, an oversized cardigan, and my favorite leather bag would look great together! I wish that I could already put these outfits into action! Only a few more months, ha!

Another sweet thing about Scott going shopping for me is that the staff at Levi's also knows my style pretty well and like to suggest to Scott items that I might like. They know I'm always on the hunt for a good sale, and will tell him and I when they've added something new to the sale section. I really think that a friendship with your favorite clothing store staff is a valuable thing! You've always got someone looking out for you when you're shopping (in a sincere way!).

This weekend Scott and I had a sweet little coffee date while he was on his break from work. After he left I stayed longer and got some work done for school and the blog. I love trying out new coffee shops to work out because you never know where you will comfortable until you try. I spent years at the same coffee shop, so I figure it's time for a change!

Do you like to switch up which coffee shops you go to? Does your guy or significant other pick out clothes for you?
-Chelsea XO


  1. you always look so great in our dresses! have i mentioned i dont like coffee but love coffee shops? im usch a poser.


  2. That was so sweet of him! He definitely sounds like a keeper. :)

  3. CUTE! It's such a pretty dress! Well done Scott! :)

  4. That Scott is a keeper! I think I'm getting some of those sandals, too, thanks to you :)

  5. That is too sweet. I think that's how you know someone really knows you...they can buy clothes for you :)