September 11, 2011

Orange Leaf

This weekend has been busy, busy, but on Friday night Scott and I took a break from our homework to go get froyo with some of his family. I suggested that we go try out Orange Leaf because it was fairly close, and I've been wanting to go there for quite a few months now. So off we went!

Orange Leaf was full of different flavors and toppings than our usual froyo spot, Yogurtland. I loved being able to sample all of the new flavors, and picking a few different toppings.

When it comes to froyo, I kind of like to mix things up. I'm not really one for making sure flavors blend together well (it kind of drives Scott nuts), so I ended up getting pomegranate, wedding cake, and mint chocolate froyo, along with mochi, popping bobas, and peanut butter cups for toppings.

Overall, everyone was pretty impressed with their delicious froyo, and we will definitely be going back for more.

What's your favorite froyo place? What flavors/toppings do you usually get?
-Chelsea XO


  1. Yogurtland is one of my all time favorite froyo places! It was the first one I ever found when I live in LA. So yummy! I will have to check out the Orange Leaf next time I am in Phoenix visiting my family.

    Little Lady Little City

  2. ahmahgah those mochi balls are the BEST

  3. This is actually my new favorite froyo place! The hubs and I randomly drove past it a couple months ago and it quickly became our fave due to the flavor choices (and non-dairy selection). I love the pomegranate one. now i am craving it!

  4. I usually go to 16 Handles and cross my fingers that they have my favorite Mint Flavor. If not I get banana and strawberry. I top with sprinkles, mochi and white chocolate sauce. Yum!

  5. im not particular to one foyo place, whichever is closest. my fave toppings are fruit bc i have a severly guilt conscience when it comes to sweets, but i do enjoy blueberries and honey for a treat.