September 18, 2011

September Weekend

This weekend has treated me well. After taking Friday to myself, I felt refreshed and prepared to focus on the things I needed to get done for Grad School (along with any emails + errands I haven't been able to get to). Yesterday I met Scott for iced coffees, and then had most of the morning/early afternoon to myself to work on homework. It felt so good to get things done. I feel like this should be called the weekend of accomplishments, because I'm feeling good about myself and getting so much done.

In between the homework there has definitely been a fun few moments. The above photo was taken on a quick trip to downtown Mesa. I'm pretty sure I will always love their old brick walls and buildings.

Friday morning I had yoga + girl time with Courtney at Solo Cafe. I grabbed a quick shot of our pastries and coffee to remember the moment. By the way, that was the best cranberry scone I have ever had!

Oh, and remember when I talked about how darling Mates of State are and how I had to have their new cd, well it's finally in my possession (three record stores later!) and I'm loving it! So far Sway is my favorite track.

How is your weekend going so far? Have you done anything fun, or are you getting a lot of things accomplished? What CD are you most digging right now?
-Chelsea XO


  1. Yesterday Jen, her mom and I hit up the local dollar store for fun little treats for Halloween! And today, I'm planning on getting some of my to-do list done. Jen made us a big breakfast of cinnamon waffles, scrambled eggs and brown sugar honey sausage. <3 Oh, plus iced green tea. <3 It's been a lovely weekend!

    I'm not loving any certain CD, but I've been addicted to Credence Clearwater Revival this week. ;)

    Have a lovely Sunday!

  2. I kinda feel like this too. Going to the gym regularly, cleaning house, and seeing friends, all productive stuff. Today I think we're just going to putt around Brooklyn and take things easy. It's definitely Fall weather over here so we're just kind of adjusting.

    Have a great Sunday!

  3. Looks like a wonderful weekend! Have a great week. XO, Rae

  4. Looks like a great weekend! I spent most of my time at the San Gennaro Feast (a festival we have every September in Little Italy) and reading. Now, I'm just watching football/baseball and catching up on blogs. I am dying to check out the new Kooks album! Do you listen to them as well?

  5. Kerri- I do, well, I used to! I haven't heard anything of their new stuff! Thanks for filling me in that they have a new album out. I'm going to have to check it out! Glad to hear you're having a nice weekend!

  6. Sounds like an amazing weekend...glad it was so lovely :)

    My husband and I went camping at Acadia National Park this weekend...mellow, but totally perfect!

  7. oh love that first picture of you - so pretty. :) enjoy the rest of your sunday evening, friend!