September 1, 2011

Sun Drenched Arches

It's September! I am so excited that this month is finally here! Since it doesn't officially get to be fall approved temperatures in Phoenix until late October, I've decided that September is the official start of fall for myself. I'm so looking forward to pumpkin spice lattes, lots of layers, warm colors, pretty sceneries, and the hope of cooler temperatures.

Early this week Scott and I went to Joe's Farm Grill for some grilled cheese and bbq. The farm grill sits on the beautiful Agritopia community, so while we were waiting for our food we took a little walk through their darling gardens.

The sun was setting and the colors of the sun drenched grape leaves were putting me in the best mood for fall. It really is true what you hear about these Arizona sunsets, they are definitely the most beautiful ones in world.

Awhile back the sweet folks at Emerging Thoughts sent me this beautiful Jasper and Quartz heart necklace. The stones making the heart are beautiful, and I just love the length of the delicate chain. It's also handmade, and one of a kind! I think it would look darling layered with some chunky knits and pretty sweaters for fall!

Today I would also like to announce that I am now officially a freelance blogger/writer for The Phoenix New Times' culture blog, Jackalope Ranch. I'm very excited about this new endeavor, and can't wait to get a few posts under my belt! If you're a reader, keep your eyes peeled for my posts coming soon!

While out taking these photos Scott and I spotted a few areas in Gilbert we want to explore more! There are so many cute farms and farming areas out there! Do any of you know of any good spots in Gilbert that would be worth checking out?

Outfit details:
Top: Levi's
Jasper and Quartz Heart Necklace: c/o Emerging Thoughts
Jeans: Levi's
Sandals: Saltwater Sandals

What are you excited for in September?
-Chelsea XO


  1. ah.. autumn. those leaves just scream autumn. i agree, first day of september seems like a good time for the next season to begin.

  2. such pretty lighting! love your cute little necklace!

  3. I want to go there so bad! Congrats on your new freelance position pretty lady!<3

  4. you pull off a middle part so well! xocait

  5. I'm excited about your New Times gig. Can't wait to read it!

  6. Hi! I recently found your blog and I was browsing through some of your past posts, and I love it! You have great style and you look so cute in your pictures! I will be following from now on :)
    Have a great day!
    -Sandra Ponycat

  7. These pictures just scream Fall! So pretty!

  8. LOVE the top (and the necklace!) Yay for fall! And yay for your new gig at the Jackalope Ranch!!!


  9. hwo much do do you love that shirt?! i went and bought it the day the store got it in! it looks awesome on you and those pics are simply stunning.


  10. Damn girl, you are freakin' gorgeous and glowing!!! I can see your love for Autumn. <3 It's so mirroring my own - I'm so excited that September is finally here!!!

    This month is my wife's birthday, our sister's birthday, mine and Jen's wedding anniversary (four years!!!) and so much planning for Autumn, Halloween and more. I love love love love September.

    Oh and I don't know about Arizona sunsets (sadly,) but I do love Western sunsets. Utah has some gorgeous sunsets. ♥

  11. Congrats on the new gig! You'll do great, I'm sure :) Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  12. Hi Chelsea! Congrats on your new writing gig!

    You look radiant in that Arizona sun. <33

  13. It's so so so true! I lived in Arizona for about a year when I was younger, and I will never ever forget those stunning sunsets as long as I live. They were magnificent.

    Congrats on your new blogger/writer gig! That will be so fun! :)

  14. that last picture of you is so so pretty <3

    just thought i should let you know.