September 12, 2011

Tempe Bridge

Yesterday was a beautiful day. The weather was gorgeous, and the feeling of love, understanding, and remembrance was in the air. After a full morning of homework and work, Scott and I decided to take a walk around Tempe Town Lake to see the new bridge, and to enjoy some time in the amazing weather.

The new bridge featured in these photos was built within the last year and still has not been opened to the public. It was built after our dam broke and let all of our lake water rushing out. The bridge is meant to help shade and protect the dam, so that in the coming years we won't have a busted lake again. Did you hear that they let in alligator into the lake to eat the fish but he didn't want to eat them? Sweet guy!

This weekend was full of homework study sessions, coffee dates, and spending time with my love. A storm rolled in on Friday and just never left, making for a very beautiful weekend! I was so happy to be able to sit outside and not sweat to death, and to drink a few extra iced coffees and teas just because.

To celebrate the weekend Scott and I also may have stopped in at Zia Records to pick up two records that had been on my mind. One being a live Weakerthans album (vinyl), and the other being the most recent Taking Back Sunday (cd). The Weakerthans album was on super sale and I just couldn't pass it up any longer, and the TBS album was just for old time sake (the original line-up is back and I just had to hear John Nolan again!).

Outfit details:
She //
Skirt: c/o DownEast Basics
Sandals: Sofft

He //
Button-up: Quicksilver
Jeans: Levi's
Shoes: New Balance

What did you do this weekend? How has the weather been in your area?
-Chelsea XO


  1. SO cute! XO, RaeVeda

  2. that skirt is dalring. i always love a good heart-warming alligator story.


  3. The weather here in Flagstaff has been crazy! Or well, at least it was this morning. Normally storms don't bother me, but all of the hail had me freaking out a bit, haha. But that might have also been because it woke me up at 6 AM. Either way, at least it's slowed down now.

    Anyways! Sorry for rambling. I LOVE your skirt! :)

  4. Cutie McCute outfit!!! ^_^ Our weekend was filled with birthday celebration, woohoo!!!

  5. Don't you two make just the most darling couple. Weather here has gradually gotten colder and colder :-/

  6. you are extremely pretty,
    and happen to have a rockin' taste in music.