September 22, 2011

Urban Picnic Lunch Date

For months now Scott and I have been talking about trying out Urban Picnic, a semi-new, local restaurant in downtown Mesa. So yesterday when we were out of things to make for lunch at home, we decided to go out and give Urban Picnic a try.

The restaurant itself is pretty tiny, but it's completely cute. Clean lines, nice white walls, pretty wooden tables, and faux ants crawling up the side of the wall. When we got there it was pretty busy, and it took us a bit to get a seat, but the food was definitely worth the wait.

See the cute ants?

Scott and I both got the caprese sandwich, along with potato salad and mac n cheese for our sides. The sandwiches were extra delicious, and very filling. We were not as impressed with our sides, though. While both were ok, it felt a bit silly to pay a dollar extra for the mac n cheese. Next I think we will go with the fruit, or maybe even try the pasta salad.

Before we left Scott ordered an iced americano, ya know, because we still had a full day of studying and running around ahead of us. The americano had great flavor, and was definitely a much needed energy boost.

Overall, we both really liked Urban Picnic and will be going back again. If you're ever in downtown Mesa around lunch time, definitely check it out!

Have you been to Urban Picnic? What's your favorite kind of sandwich?
-Chelsea XO


  1. Great review! If I ever find myself in Mesa, I'll definitely try it out.

  2. iced americanos are my favorite! you should look at my blog and check out the iced coffee recipe I posted--it's delicious and I know how you like your iced coffee. ;)

  3. Ooo, that all sounds so good. @.@ Now I'm in the mood for a delish sandwich... Mmmm!

  4. I love an urban picnic. I think my favorite sammich of all time is the grilled cheese- and since it's getting into fall- pair it with some tomato soup.. so yummy!

  5. ugh! you guys are SO cute! This place looks great. Keep the reviews comin'.

    suze @

  6. Yum! What a great place to go on a date. The food looks so yummy. xo, rv

  7. Looks amazing!! What a cute cafe, I like the ant trail :)