October 1, 2011

The Bright Side

Happy October. I wanted to say thank you all for the very sweet comments on my post yesterday. I'm happy to say the procedure went very well, and the worst part was probably the IV (I hate needles). I had to be sedated (first time) while they were checking out my insides, and I think it's so strange that I don't remember a thing about it. I'm pretty thankful for that though because I feel like I might have gagged up the scope, or continue to ball my eyes out (I was really nervous).

I haven't gotten all of the results back yet, but I do know that I have a different type of acid reflux (one that isn't burning holes in me) and that I'm being put on new medication to help me out. I also learned that I'm allergic to shrimp aka the only kind of fish I will eat haha.

I feel very thankful to have had my mom and Scott there with me through the whole ordeal. I'm a very lucky lady.

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! Enjoy this beautiful season!
-Chelsea XO


  1. i had no idea! i hope everything is ok and you are spending some comfy time with scott!


  2. You look beautiful! I'm glad everything went okay! xo, rv


  3. I can't imagine... I only have seen TWO doctors my entire life. One when I was in kindergarten and one for mental health. I'm glad you don't remember anything, that's gotta be a good thing!!!

    Needles freak me out as well. *big hug*

  4. sending love your way! last year i went through several very unpleasant allergy tests and stomach procedures...turns out i am gluten-intolerant AND allergic to shellfish, which was making me so sick. i know how you feel girly!

  5. i am so glad to hear that everything went okay! glad that scott and your mom were able to be with you at least. i'll be keeping you in my prayers,friend!

  6. Glad they were able to adjust your medicine! I didn't remember anything about my scope once I woke up, thank goodness! <3 Hope you find some answers!