October 12, 2011

Fall Nostalgia

It's October and all I want to be is happy. This month is my favorite out of the whole year and something I more than look forward to. Lately school and stomach issues have been getting me down, but I'm determined to live this month to the fullest.

We've been blessed with some chilly weather lately (although, today it's supposed to be 99 degrees), and I've gotten to bundle up more than once. Even though it's cooling down, my favorite drink is still iced coffee. Although, the apple cider Scott and I bought at Trader Joe's is coming in at a close second.

I've truly been obsessing over anything that is fall related, and hope to pick up a pumpkin or two at Trader Joe's tomorrow (they are having selling them for such a good price right now!). I also heard somewhere online that their pumpkin coffee is really good, so I almost want to give it a try (I'm totally not a flavored coffee kind of person, but now I'm curious).

A few of the leaves here have been playing tricks on us (although, the cold last weekend might have scared them colorful). Usually the leaves don't change colors here until December, but the chill in the air might be convincing them otherwise.

Today I have quite a few things to check off of my to-do list, but I'm going to do it with an iced coffee in hand and the nostalgia of fall on my mind.

What are you up to today? What do you love about October most?
-Chelsea XO


  1. hope you get to enjoy your october. school and health can definitely get in the way, but luckily this is the most enchanting season- it is hard to ignore its beauty and get excited about all it has to offer.


  2. Yes, enjoy your October, miss! I'm glad the air is chilly for you - it's still quite warm here during the day... I wish I lived near a Trader Joe's so I could try their pumpkin coffee, it sounds delish. <3

  3. so jealous of your chilly weather! keep your spirits up cute gal!

    <3 steffy

  4. I know the feeling! I love the Fall. One problem. I also (like you) LOVE iced drinks, I can't give up my iced tea!

  5. coffee I need more! that pumpkin one sounds yumm, I wish we could pick them up here :(

  6. Oh, October. ♥ The chilly weather, the smell in the air, the pumpkin picking, Halloween around the corner, Samhain also around the corner; drinking something warm after playing in the cold, cuddling under the blankets and not sweating and so much more!

    I hope your month goes fabulously and is everything you hope for! I know it's started out a bit rough for you, but I have confidence that your month will pick up!!!

    Also, if you don't mind me sharing... an Autumn poem I wrote!

    "As I sit and I listen - To the crow and the raven - And the leaves falling from the trees. I think and I ponder, I wonder and I wander - Through thoughts of Halloween and a cool breeze. Along the 'sill are apples with faces, And pumpkins are sitting by the hearth. It's almost that time, of magick and wonder - As the thin veil lifts and parts. My favorite time of year, with warm food and cheer, With trick-or-treaters knocking on the door. Let's light a candle, that shall burn and crackle, As Halloween is finally drawing near."

    I hope you enjoy! (This isn't even on my blog yet! *gasp*)

  7. i love autumn - i love the transition from summer and winter. i like not having to bundle up - and esp. love all the pumpkin and apple flavored everything. :)

    p.s. love these photos, friend!

  8. Good luck with enjoying this month to the fullest! I know what it means to have stomach issues getting you down...before I got my celiac diagnosis and started on my gluten-free diet my whole body felt my anxiety and it was awful. I hope you get answers and peace soon <3