October 21, 2011

Green Downtown

Last weekend Scott and I stopped in at the newly opened Green Vegetarian in downtown Phoenix. For over a year now we had been hearing this location was going to be open, but it wasn't until the last two months that we knew that it would really be happening. We were excited to check out the new space, and chow down on some delicious vegan food.

I got my regular, the sweet and sour bowl with brown rice and crispy tofu, and Scott got the same but with noodles and mock chicken. We also got a Kombucha (think fermented tea meets sparkling water) to share. I had heard about this wonder drink through Sarah, and was curious to give it a try. It's definitely a little different, but very good.

I unfortunately didn't get any photos of the space, but the restaurant is in a tiny house and has a pretty wood wall and spiral staircase (To where? I'm not even sure). It's definitely much smaller than the Tempe location (and the parking situation is kind of awful), but I think it's really nice to have my favorite vegan restaurant so close to my favorite part of the city now. Scott and I will definitely be going back soon!

Today my plans are a bit scattered, but I do have a doctor's appointment and will hopefully be stopping by Regular Gallery tonight to check out the map exhibit that my editor, Claire, from Jackalope Ranch put together. If you're local you should definitely stop by!

What are you up to today? Have you ever tried Kombucha?
-Chelsea XO


  1. Oh yum! I can tell that I would love this place.

    I'm glad you liked the kombucha! It is a little strange the first time, but watch out, because you will become totally addicted. : )

    Have a wonderful weekend!



  2. i need to move closer to where you are at - all of these places you highlight look fantastic!

  3. That sounds so freakin' phenomenal. I am trying to add more vegetarian meals to our weekly menu! Nom, nom, nom!!! Also, that sparkling tea/water sounds bizarre but yummeh!!!

  4. Yummm! We love Green!! We need to check out the new location in Phoenix!

  5. I will need to try Kombucha!

    Sadly there arn't really any vegan/vegetarian restaurants in my city but there are a few if I hop on the train the Amsterdam or Utrecht. Europe still needs to catch up O_o

  6. Oh man I'm SO stoked about the downtown location!! The staff there are so so sweet. It's one of my weekly indulgences :)

    I still haven't tried Kombucha..."fermented tea" sounds so much like it must taste like vinegar, haha. I need to branch out and try it!