October 26, 2011

Levi's Curve ID Mirror, Mirror Campus Tour at ASU

Last week I had the privilege of attending the Levi's Mirror, Mirror Campus Tour when it came to ASU. I was invited to come check out the event, get fitted, and enjoy some sweet treats.

The event was for women, but Scott was so great and came along to take photos for me. I swear, I'm the luckiest lady alive (he's always doing such nice things for me).

When we got there I got signed in via Ipad (so neat). After I was done I was taken up on the stage to get fitted. Levi's has created this whole process of measuring your body for the perfect pair of jeans (for your body!). In the past I've been measured at my favorite Levi's store and have tried on the jeans I was suggest (Demi Curve). The jeans fit really great, but I wasn't crazy about them because I'm a Levi's leggings girl for life.

This time around I was also suggested the Demi Curve, as well as the Bold Curve. At the event they had a boot cut Demi Curve, and a skinny leg Bold Curve for me to try on. I'm truly not a boot cut girl, so I went with the Bold Curve skinnies. The overall fit was pretty great, but I would prefer a higher rise and shorter length (which I hear they have at the stores).

After I was done trying on my jeans I voted for which scholarship fund I would want the money that Levi's will either be donating to ASU or UofA to go (depending on who had the most people turn out for the event), and hit up the nail polish and candy bar for a sweet treat to-go.

The event overall was really great. I also could have had my hair and makeup done, but I had to run to get to a meeting! I'm really grateful that Levi's invited me and that I was able to attend. If you've never been fitted for a pair of Curve IDs, I highly suggest you do so! If you're local, you can get it done at the Levi's store at Tempe Marketplace.

Outfit details:
Blouse: Levi's
Skinnies: Levi's
Purse: Fossil
Moccasins: Minnetonka's

Today I have to go into school early and meet with my advisor/the director of my program to pick out classes for next semester. I also have quite a bit of reading to do, and will hopefully get to my emails!

What are you up to today? Have you been measured for your Curve ID?


  1. so glad you enjoyed the event! i wish there was one around nyc so i could see what one was like- i was there for all of the planning!

  2. i have NOT been fitted although i've absentmindedly spied on that store a couple times while wandering thru tempe marketplace. the best jeans i've ever found for my bod are from a) urban outfitters and e) hudson. Although, i didn't know they were hudsons (i thrifted them for $18) and i didn't know hudsons were a big deal until a friend grabbed my tush and squealed "WHERE DID YOU GET HUDSONS?!" ...she safely assumed i hadn't forked out a couple hundie for them, and she was right. Best jeans ever though, and i thank the thrift gods for 'em!

  3. This looks SO much fun! I recently threw out every pair of jeans I owned because they were all so old and ill-fitting. Unfortunately I don't think ANYTHING like this exists in the UK, else I'd be there in a flash!

  4. That looks so fun! I was so surprised this year when registration time came around again...I was like, "Wait, didn't the semester just start!?" Good luck with getting your schedule together!

  5. What a neat idea! I would love to do something like this.