October 6, 2011

Nami Coffee + Sweets Shop

Recently, Scott and I checked out the newly opened Nami coffee + sweet shop. For about a year now we have heard that our favorite local vegetarian restaurant, Green, would be opening a second location in downtown Phoenix, but we had no idea they would be opening up a second shop right next door. So when I heard last week that Nami was open, I knew Scott and I had to check it out ASAP!

The shop is in an old, historic home and has been converted into the cutest space. I think it's so neat that Green has been expanded, and that they now sell coffee (which I need to try out soon), as well as pastries and their famous soynamis.

I'm still on this huge Instagram (username: Chelseabirdd) kick. Scott think it's cute to get photos of me Instagramming it up. I think it's cute to take photos of him and post them to Instagram. Two peas in a pod we are.

Scott and I shared a cheddar and chive scone. The scone had a lot of flavor and would be great with your morning coffee.

Scott and I also each got a soynami (soy ice cream + toppings). We've been eating soynamis from Green for years now, so when we heard they had them at Nami we knew we had to go out and treat ourselves to some delicious soy ice cream. I got the "Oh, Ginger Snap" (lemon flavor + ginger cookies), and Scott got the "El Capitan" (strawberries + captain crunch cereal).

If you live locally you should definitely check out Nami. It's located right next to the new Green location in Phoenix, and has great hours (I love when shops are open late in Phoenix). Scott and I will definitely be stopping by Nami again soon!

Have you ever been to Green or Nami? What's your favorite sweet treat?
-Chelsea XO


  1. i have never tried anything soy... is that weird? haha. this sounds like a cool place :)
    xo dana

  2. I love the original Green, I have to beware my addiction to their thai peanut bowl with crispy tofu and brown rice. Might have to try the Tsoynami now!