October 17, 2011


Oh my, the weekend went by quick! Scott and I had some fun in downtown Phoenix on Saturday, but the day really didn't go as plan (aren't those usually the best days though?). We headed downtown to have some nachos at Nachobot, but apparently they don't open until 6 p.m. (and are open until 4 a.m.!), so we ended up at our favorite vegan restaurant for some linner (lunch + dinner).

After our linner we drove back down to Roosevelt to check out the Phoenix Maker Faire. We both had thought that we really wanted to go, but after seeing what they had going on, we decided to skip the faire and just spend a little time in the area visiting our friends at the Grow Op.

It was quite warm in Phoenix this day. I'm pretty upset with our weather patterns lately. I'm so ready for a cool down. My boots and sweaters are slightly mad at me because I've been neglecting them. Maybe this upcoming weekend we will get a break. A chilly day for the Phoenix Food Truck Festival sounds great!

This week is going to be yet another busy one. I have quite a bit of work to get done for my classes, and a few things to pull together for my blog and Jackalope Ranch. On Thursday my uncle is coming to visit from Seattle, so I'm sure there will be some fun had. I'm excited to take him to all of my favorite local restaurants!

Outfit details:
Sunnies: Ray Bans
Peace necklace: Tiffany's
Sweater: Last Chance
Blouse: Last Chance
Jeans: Levi's
Sandals: Saltwater Sandals

What are you up to today? Does it feel like fall where you live?
-Chelsea XO


  1. What a neat wall. Best photo background I have seen in a long time! xo, rv


  2. Cute outfit...I love the color of that cardi! And that background is awesome! :) -Lo

  3. DUDE!!! THAT WALL!!! Everyone needs a wall like that in their life. <33333333

  4. I love your top and your sweater, and that wall mural is incredible! I am in LA, so it's not exactly fall here either...I miss trees with pretty leaves!

  5. Wow!! What a wall!! I wish I came across something with that kind of beauty in my travels!!! I love your outfit! Your cardigan is such a pretty color!

  6. That wall is amaaaaaaazing! Come up to Canada, it's totally fall weather around here! Haha.

  7. Sounds a lot like my Saturday in Phoenix as well! A fun day but not as planned- the Maker Faire wasn't what I expected but Tour de Fat in Tempe was awesome-- and it was way too hot! I'm ready for fall too!!!!!

  8. Ugh it's annoyingly hot here, too. It was 97 today! I'm more than ready for cardigans and boots.