October 5, 2011

Writer's House

Since it's fall, it's only natural that I crave chilly weather, pumpkin everything, and pretty foliage. Well, since I can only obtain a few of those things here in Phoenix, I am constantly dreaming about a New England fall. Every since I was young I have dreamed about taking a New England road trip during fall to see all the pretty leaves, enjoy the cool weather, and take in some of the history of the surrounding areas. I'm hoping in a year or two I can make this trip possible with Scott by my side and my camera in hand.

Recently Scott and I were on the ASU Tempe campus. The campus itself is filled with buildings from different eras of designs, and has so many trees lining the whole campus. Generally there are way too many people on campus and walking around seems crazy, but this evening was calm, a little cool, and there was a sweet breeze in the air. Scott and I decided to stop by the Virginia G. Piper Writer's House where they have the prettiest garden area, and a time capsule buried in the ground (how amazing). The capsule wont be open until 2105, which stinks because I'm so curious as to what's in it!

While we were taking these photos Scott was making me laugh so hard with his silly poses. He is always so encouraging while we take outfit photos, and definitely has an eye for how he thinks the photos should look. I just love him.

The sweet folks from Wanted Shoes were kind enough to send me these Pioneer boots in Brown from their Fall collection. I've been wanting a pair of tall, lace-up boots for awhile now, so I figured these would be the perfect pair for me. They are extremely comfy (not stiff like some boots can be), and fit perfectly (seriously). I really love them, and see them making a heavy appearance in my fall wardrobe!

This week is busy, busy, but it was so nice to take a little stroll with Scott. We enjoyed the nice weather, and stomped through the leaves we spotted near the Writer's House. Oh fall, I just love you!

Outfit details:
Striped shirt: H&M
Scarf: c/o Style Rev
Jeans: Levi's
Turquoise ring: vintage/gift from Scott

Do you own a pair of Wanted Shoes? What's your favorite style from their fall collection?
-Chelsea XO


  1. I love that scarf and your boots are too cute! Love those too. xo, rv


  2. Those boots are so so adorable! lucky you!

  3. You're so adorable! I love this outfit, it's perfect for fall.

  4. you should definitely visit the northeast. san francisco weather was delightful but as soon as i got out of the airport in queens, felt the crisp cold air and smelled someone's fire place, i was in complete heaven.

  5. I can tell you from personal exerience that the northeast is amazing :) If you come up to Maine let me know!

  6. in absolute love with these pretty photos of you!

    josh and i have been considering a New England move for sometime next year, probably before the fall, and that's something i've been excited to see--their fall! : )

  7. These photos are just so beautiful! Great job, Scott!

    A New England autumn road trip sounds wonderful. I've been dying to go to New England, too. I'm excited my sister's boyfriend is from Boston because I figure I can one day tag along and visit with them. :)

  8. i LOVE those boots!!!
    your outfit is too cute!
    and these photos are so beautiful!

  9. Love the photos of you laughing! You are so cute. : )



  10. That spot on campus is so beautiful! And I LOVE the boots. It's awesome that they're cute and they also have the tread on the bottom - too many cute fall/winter boots these days are flat on the bottom, which makes rainy days kinda scary!