November 23, 2011

Fall Path

It's almost Thanksgiving and the trees around here have finally decided that it should really look like fall! Throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area there are very different landscapes, and in parts of Scottsdale it almost feels like we're in Colorado, or even up in the Pacific Northwest. Scott and I were in the area yesterday, so we decided to go on a little walk and admire all of the beautiful colored leaves before they're all gone!

I'm kind of sad to see all of the fall nostalgia washing away nowadays, but I know the holidays are almost here and I have all winter to enjoy some cooler weather, warm clothes, hot coffee, and most definitely snow.

Lately I've been wearing my Vanilla and Lace blouse so often! I purchased it back in October, and it has quickly become of my favorite garments. Abi of Vanilla and Lace makes some gorgeous pieces, and I now have my eye on one of her pretty dresses! If you've never checked out her shop before, I highly suggest you do so! She has so many pretty garments!

The chilly weather has really come and go lately, but while it has been here I've been having fun bundling up in my new winter coat. It's from Lulus, and is probably the best winter coat I've ever owned. I'm excited to stay warm, and still look fashionable this winter!

Scott and I are both officially on Thanksgiving break today (although, I will probably still work on my final papers)! So many great movies came out recently, so we're thinking that maybe we should check one of them out today. I really want to see The Muppets, and My Week With Marilyn! I also really want to see Like Crazy again as well!

Aren't Scott's red socks cute? He had been looking for a pair for a few weeks now, and we finally found the perfect pair the other evening! He's going to look very festive this holiday season!

Outfit details:
Cardigan: Target
Black jeans: Levi's
Sandals: Salt Water Sandals

What are you up to today?
-Chelsea xo


  1. Love that blouse! It's a perfect Fall top :)

  2. Beautiful fall pictures :-) And I love that blouse!