November 16, 2011

Morning Date at Matt's Big Breakfast

Scott and I are big breakfast people. Ok, well, I am and Scott has learn to love it over the years. We both do really love going out for breakfast, though, and one of our favorite places to go is Matt's Big Breakfast in downtown Phoenix.

Matt's is a teeny, tiny place that only holds about 20 or so customers at a time. There usually is a line to get in, and since it was a holiday the wait was even longer this time around. In the end, we probably waited close to an hour to get it, but we didn't mind that much. We knew the wait would be worth it!

We started off our little date with some hot coffee. It was actually pretty chilly outside this morning, so it was nice to have the cup to warm up my hands!

The coffee was endless, so of course there was more. Scott and I were both really excited to be there, so we had to take it all in. The last time we went to Matt's was earlier in the year when I was still attending Journalism school down the street. I envy those who are just able to stop in in between classes (it can be done, if you get there at just the right time)!

Scott and I really love our coffee.

For breakfast I had a egg and cheese omelet, and their house home fries. I also had an amazing piece of toast that I gobbled up before I could get a picture of it.

Scott had the special of the day, an egg, spinach, chicken sausage dish plus hash browns and also some toast.

We both really enjoyed our meals and look forward to going back one day. Did you know Matt's was once at Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives? They have the spray painted stamp inside to prove it!

Do you like going out for breakfast?
-Chelsea xo


  1. I love breakfast. Like, as soon as I wake up I head straight to the kitchen kind of thing. Breakfast dates are my favorite mostly because there is coffee involved :)

  2. I am such a breakfast person, I love eggs and toast and pancakes and breakfast foods. I often eat breakfast for lunch and dinner I love it so much!

    We have some cute places in our town to go for breakfast but unfortunately Mikey isn't much of a breakfast person, unless they serve pizza!

  3. I love breakfast and breakfast dates are my favorite! Scott's special looks so delicious!

    l'ours et le renard

  4. love matt's! it's all about the five spot (and splitting a plate of home fries with my husband). we haven't been in a few months, but i imagine the wait is muuuuch nicer in november than it is in august. :)

  5. The food looks amazing, Scott's meal looks particularly delicious. I love breakfast food. Especially if it comes with a lot of coffee! :D

  6. My fave breakfast place in Phoenix!!! Totally worth the wait. And now I'm thirsty for a honey lemonade.

    turn up the rad blog
    turn up the rad creative

  7. I absolutely LOVE your style. You are too pretty! This post makes me want to eat breakfast!